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A Visitor in the House

We went to the city late this afternoon to start subscribing in a cable company that offers cartoon shows that our son could at least understand. In our previous provider although there are English cartoons but most of it are in Arabic which for a long time he was able to count numbers one to five. Then we will just have to change our subscription plan with our previous provider later this month or next as we won’t be using it anymore and we’ll just retain the internet and the phone.

On the other hand, we are also going to fetch a friend of hubby who will be staying in the house for a night. So we will have a visitor in the house tonight then we will just go out the next day but that will be after hubby finished his morning work. It will be the first time that someone is sleeping in the house with us other than when my father was here last year. They probably will have a drinking session tonight before hitting the sack and of course reminisced with the old memories that they share during their rescue days in Cebu. I’m just hoping that they won’t get drunk at all because hubby has still have to wake up early for work the following day.