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Better to Wait for Another Day

Yesterday, I was almost tempted to clean hubby’s car since I found it to be really dirty already but there’s something at the back of my mind telling me not to and just have to wait for another day. It wasn’t that dirty at all four days ago but after his night duty, I was surprised to see it with almost a different color. Then he told me that there was a little shower on that night although it didn’t rained but it is enough to cause some pretty nasty smudge all over the body of the car. And since the color of the car is somewhat like a maroon, it became so evident or crystal clear to the eyes.

Now I know what was coming because almost the whole day, there was a dust storm and if I have washed the car then it would look like splattered with mud. It is just right that I didn’t clean the car because the hard work will just be wasted. Then comes the day again of waiting and watching the sky because it became gloomy after the sand storm and oftentimes rain will come next. That is the trend of weather here during and when the weather will change.