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A Car Seat Safety Reminder to All

I have been making posts about car seat safety in the past but I haven’t made any detailed information of the guidelines set by authorities and regulatory body. And when I was about to make one, hubby started making his own post also on car seat safety guidelines for infants and toddlers and for children 2 years and older. Although he has yet to publish the latter and he’s still finishing it up as well. That tempted me to make my own post considering that our son is almost 2 years and six months old already.

But at the back of my mind, I am adamant to start one since it needs more research for me as it entails specific information because I will be sharing it not only to moms out there but to fathers as well. And since hubby is more knowledgeable and adept about health and safety, I was thinking of letting him finish it and will just share it here once it is done. I will just let him do the hard work then I will ask permission to him later so I could post his article here.