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Fast and Easy Driving License Renewal

I remember late February when I heard from hubby that he’s going to renew his driving license here and I thought it would take him some time to return considering the number of drivers. And I also personally saw the process in renewing the driver’s license in the Philippines and the line is so long that perhaps five hours is not enough to finish and get your card.

It was past eight in the morning when he left the house, he just eat some bread then took off. I was kind of worried about him expecting the long process that would take in renewing his driving license. But then, before I knew it, he was back already in the house after just barely an hour or perhaps just past an hour. What’s more intriguing is that, I knew for the fact that his travel time is more or less 30 minutes. And that’s one way only. So let’s just say, it took him one hour to travel back and forth to renew his license and that leaves him just less than 20 minutes to process his new driver’s license.

When I asked him about it, he said that from the time he took a priority number, it lasts less than 15 minutes until he was called again to get his printed and new driver’s license card. There was no hassle at all and even those in the counter, as he said, are also accommodating to help the process move even faster.