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My Passion in Photography

My passion in photography is not about the beauty of nature not that because I don’t like it but it is due to the fact that I don’t have the skills in finding the good view for the subject to become eye catching. Although it can be learned but I just gave the chance to hubby as he is also very much interested in photography. In fact, since the time that we bought his first DSLR, he’s been acquiring several accessories to add to what’s included in the kit. And I am pretty sure that he is saving for something big that he wants to have.

And I wonder if the battery pack that he got last year is the same as the canon camera battery at batteryheads.com? I noticed that he also had an extra flash in his camera bag, so I am guessing that he’s going to be getting another lens any time soon. Although I don’t know what kind of lens and what’s in his mind but I have a hunch that it has something to do with a long range lens (forgive my ignorance as to what it’s called) considering that our son has started going to school already. Then I also overheard from our friends and neighbor that during school activities, we cannot go near the stage to take pictures and we can only do it while at the bleacher.