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How Safe Are Your Baby Bottles and Utensils

A month ago, I bought a  drinking/sipping cup for Seth at a baby shop in Doha. I thought of introducing it to him soon since he is already eating solid foods. I thought that this kind of cup is of quality and harmless for Seth considering of the price and of brand.

Yesterday, I received one of my everyday emails from whattoexpect.com, a website about pregnancy and parenting. It’s about going organic specially when it comes to what we buy for our baby. I’m very particular when it comes to health matters, and this topic caught my attention so I opened it right away (opposite of what I used to do every time I received an emails from them). Everyday, I always received an average of three emails from them related to parenting which most of them were only transferred to my other folder without opening it (hehehe). Upon reading it, I learned that some things I bought for Seth, including the drinking/sipping cup, might harm him since it was made of plastic. Some of us were not aware that even the expensive and branded plastic baby bottles and cups that we trusted might also harm our loved ones. The article says that some plastic baby bottles expose tots to a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which may affect the brain, behavior and development of infants and young children, since BPA can seep into liquids and foods from plastic containers, utensils and bottles. Here’s the link of the article: Going Organic: What to Buy for Your Baby.

The drinking/sipping cup I bought has number 7 recycling symbol, which is not safe and I’m thankful that all of my baby bottles are BPA free. Now, I fully understood what BPA is, the one I always encountered in the store every time I checked out some things for Seth. So, to all moms out there, always take time to check for the things to buy for our little one. Expensive and branded things are not guaranteed that they are the best.