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The Fairy Hobmother

Since I started blogging, at hubby’s hustling, I have learned a lot of things and ways how to earn online. And while I’m watching him visiting sites after the other, I could not help myself but to read some of the blog entries and it made me so interested to join the bandwagon of bloggers who want to be visited by this mysterious online fairy. He has given lots of bloggers across the globe with what they wished for and I am hoping that one day I will received my own surprise gift from him.

What made it very interesting is that the Fairy Hobmother (that’s what he was called) asks nothing more than spreading the joy and happiness that everyone have experienced so others can experience as well. Many have said that by leaving comments to as many blogs as you can, would lead you to get his attention and who knows one of these days you will be the next lucky blogger. But as for me, I am still waiting for that chance that he will pass by so I will know what it’s like to be showered with his blessings.

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Seth Eight Months Celebration

I’ve been busy this past few days with my online job in Microworkers that I missed blogging about Seth’s eight months celebration. It’s already two weeks since I started this micro job and I already earned $8.25. Well, its not quiet bad for a new starter like me to earn such amount in just two weeks by simply doing some easy tasks which you can only finish in a minute. Actually, I’m already hooked in this (hehehe). I’m planning to post a little review about it next time. So enough with this for now cause I’m going to blog about my Baby’s celebration.
We celebrated Seth’s eight months only last Monday ( four days late) because Borris had an afternoon duty for four consecutive days since Seth’s big day. We  had lunched at a Chinese Restaurant (I forgot the name of the resto, I’ll just update this once I know it). It’s inside the City Center, one of the biggest mall in Doha City. Its a buffet type and you can eat whatever you want for QR49 per person. Our baby didn’t bother us that much while we eat maybe he was contented already with his milk. After lunch, we wandered around the mall looking for some boutique sale but unfortunately, there were none. We went to Pizza Hut to eat Borris favorite Hawaiian Thin Crust Pizza. Seth’s naughtiness started when the pizza was served. He also wanted to eat. I gave him a cheese, which I bought inside the supermarket, and thankfully, he liked the taste of it.
Borris with his new haircut
Picture taken with my husband photography style “daw”

After snacks, we went to some nice places in Doha to take a view.

Buildings view in Doha
With Pearl background
Our baby Seth was so tired that he fell asleep while on our way home.
We dropped by at our favorite cake house, Patisserie Suisse, to buy Seth’s monthsary cake. Well, the celebration was not yet ended at that time ’cause it was continued when we arrived home with Seth blowing his candle (it was Mama actually, who blew my candle).