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Holiday Season Shopping

I could feel the winter season already as the climate outside has changed in the past few weeks. In fact, we have been going for a short trip locally several times already then next week, we will be camping out in the beach and possibly stay for overnight to get a glimpse of the sunset. We also have been having dinners outside the house for a few occasions now since the weather is no longer hot and humid. And so there will be future plans coming as the winter season starts to make us chilly.

Then this reminds me of the coming holiday as well which turns out to be a gift giving season for loved ones and relatives back home. So holiday season is a time for shopping since it is also the time when there are lots of discount promos and sale. You can even start seeing great promotional deals in the internet and most e-stores have their own way of attracting customers so it would be hard to resist not buying from them.

Nowadays, online shopping is a growing trend. More and more people opt to use the internet in shopping as it offers cheaper products and goods and that you can purchase them at your own convenience by no longer going to the mall. Then most companies offer free delivery right at your own doorstep. And many have turned to online shopping as it is more convenient if you want to escape from the long queue in the counter. This is so true, as many teenager and adults alike are fond of video games like the Black Ops 2. And as early as now, we already started buying items that we plan to ship as gift for the coming holiday season.

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Earning Online Through Ghost Writing

I must admit that my husband has been busy writing online through ghost writing and he seems to earn something from it though it wasn’t that big since he has a day job to look into. Nonetheless, he was able to earn something that he uses to purchase accessories for his DSLR camera. Right now, he has added several accessories already and it seems that he is not finish yet of acquiring additional stuff for his camera. He’s now serious in pursuing a path in photography and wants to acquire another lens or perhaps lenses.

The good thing about it is that he finds solution on where to get the cash to finance his growing hobby in photography. He seldom uses his take home paycheck to buy gadgets for his camera. And if I remember it correctly, it was only once that he use a portion of his salary to buy a camera flash. Since then, his online earnings were used when he purchased the 50mm prime lens through an online store. I really don’t know what it means and the difference from the kit lens that he have. I think his camera bag is already full of the accessories from every now and then addition.

I am just hoping that he won’t get obsessed again in computer games since there’s a new version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 coming out in the market. He used to tell me that he could play on his PC for more than 5 hours but that was before we got married. Right now he has a different call of duty already.

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