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Elegantly Designed Ladies Jewelry

In two days time, we will be having a night out at the local family beach but we are not sure if we will spend the night there since our son has fever that started two nights ago. Although his fever is not the high anymore but he is still fussy and irritable because of stuffy nose and he is not eating well too. We were at the dentist two days ago for my routine adjustment and check of my braces when I noticed that our son is not feeling great. Hubby said that he saw our son being coughed at by our neighbor’s kid while they are playing and he knew already that for sure he will get the colds sooner.

Anyhow, I was planning of dropping by at the mall today too to window shop for the coming holidays and check out if there’s an ongoing Black Friday sale for I wanted to buy some fancy jewelries for myself. I want to replace the catherine popesco jewelry look alike that I have and I want wear the real handmade and enameled French style for the coming parties in the holiday. I just hope that there are various collections of ladies earrings and necklace that are vintage inspired jewelry and of course that I can also wear it for everyday occasions. And there have been a lot of elegantly designed ladies jewelry that I have seen in the malls.