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The Three Years Old Toddler

Time really runs so fast and our son will now be three years old. It seems that it was only a few months back that when we carry him, he was so small and looks so fragile. Now that he is already a toddler, we cannot stop him anymore from running here and there. He is just so active that probably there’s no more spot on his head that don’t get bumps every now and then. In fact, he has broken his collar bone already when he was two years and three months old.

And just a few days ago, he also busted his chin while I was cooking in the kitchen and he was playing in the living room. Hubby was asleep at that time as he came from a night shift duty so he was alone and by himself at the time of the incident. I don’t know where he hit his chin, I just heard him crying then saw a small bump and some red line on his left chin. And on his third birthday, I am just hoping that there’s no more accident for him but I doubt since he is so fun of diving on our bed.