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Looking for Affordable Printing Materials

Every time I looked on our wall, I really can’t believe how time run so fast yet it is happening. It looks like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to our son and I could still remember the time when we first brought him home from the hospital. Then we celebrated his existence every month of his first year. It wasn’t lavish at all as long as we have something for him just to celebrate his growing up. And now it was just a few weeks ago when we celebrated his third birthday at the church with a very lovely happy birthday prints made by our church mate.

I thought it cost her some serious amount to do it but she said that it wasn’t that expensive and all the materials she used can even be found in an ordinary gift shops. I wonder if there are shops who accept rush orders like printingamerica.com for overnight prints that doesn’t cost so much or that is just affordable and within our budget. I was thinking about it already because it won’t be that long when our son will turn four next year and you know already what kids would want in their birthday. I’m pretty sure he will invite his friends in his birthday or was it just the parents who are more excited than the celebrant itself?

I believe that most of the time it is the latter. Isn’t it? I know many can relate to it.