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Seth and His Walker

I was a little bit hesitant on putting Seth in his walker because of some articles I have read online that a child is more prone to injury when using a walker. But yesterday I was so upset,  I couldn’t do anything. Seth always wanted to be carried. He keeps on shouting and crying in his crib when he didn’t see me. Mt husband was on a morning shift and I haven’t yet prepared food for breakfast. I was so hungry and started to run out of patience that even going to bathroom was hard for me to do.  I spotted Seth’s walker on the corner of our dining area and the idea of putting him in his walker came in my mind.
My baby was a little bit afraid at first and so I was. I observed him for a few minutes to make sure that he will be alright with his new stuff.

I was amused looking at him trying to move his walker because instead of moving forward, his steps were moving backward. After a few minutes of riding, he started to cry again so I decided to carry him.

I brought him in the kitchen and tried to put him again in his walker. Thanks God, at last I was able to fill my stomach while my baby was enjoying his new stuff. (Maybe he realized that he can roam around by himself and can grab anything he can see.) ( :