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Run for a Cause

In the athletic world, more and more people are drawn into running as a hobby. Marathons are organized left and right with different themes like “run for the environment”, ”run for alopecia”, ”cancer run”. Some runs are with political themes like run for freedom and run for unity. These organized runs are attracting people in all walks of life some even join the activity as a family, running along with their kids and sometimes with their pets.

Well, it is good that the health bug has finally bitten the peoples’ curiosity since most of these guys are just in for curiosity sake at first on how this will go. Once they have tried and experienced the benefits like weight loss, good circulation and the feeling of being young again is there, it has become part of their activity and has even become a routine for some.

According to some runners, you will experience the feeling of youth, the feeling of vim and vigor, feeling of energy surge within you and that’s what keeps them coming back to the track. Indulging in this sport also makes you fashionable with all the new colorful and trendy designs like Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor, artistic innovator and the thinker. This hobby has turned into a craze that almost all clubs and organizations want to organize a running event bearing the motto of their association.

Image from wikimedia commons.