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Planning for the Future

Financial stability is still one of the many sensitive issues when you talk of economic crisis knowing that there are still a lot of countries experiencing economic difficulties. And I believe many household are still struggling to hold on with their finances in monthly or daily basis. This reminded me that it was only very recently that hubby started planning where he can generate an income when he retires. Although he had re-started his retirement plan contribution from a certain investment company and it will be running one year at the end of the month.

I just wished that this time he will not stop it just like what he did previously and hoping that he will increase his premium as it really would help us in the coming years. Then I just hope that the company will allow making some changes in his annuity contract and I will also try to get the facts here when we have the chance to go back in the Philippines for a vacation. Perhaps it could be next month or in May if hubby’s schedule will allow us to do so as it will become their family reunion while at the same time the birthday of his dad. Right now, I am already excited for it to materialize so we can purchase our tickets early and at least buy a cheaper ticket.