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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Tragic events happened from time to time but there are no other devastating circumstances when it involves the death of young children. How much more when 20 school children was killed when someone opened fire, killing them instantly. There are actually 26 who died in the second deadliest school shooting in US history including the gunman himself.

Young innocent lives were taken away unknowingly and unexpectedly at a normal and ordinary school day at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The massacre had left not only the people in Newtown, Connecticut but also around the world asking questions why did he (Adam Lanza) do it. Neighbors have said that he is a nice and fiercely intelligent kid and had no known criminal records yet had a troubled life behind him. Many reports have said that it all started when his parents had divorced after 28 years of marriage and the break up seems traumatic to Adam Lanza leaving him devastated in the end.

The Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis has shaken up many countries and some are still even trying to recover. And it has affected many homeowners as they are forced to relocate to areas with affordable mortgage while the prices of household commodities continue to go up. So living in a big or extended family is sometimes challenging for you have to find ways how to balance your finances with the growing monthly expenses.

In fact, many are now living from paycheck to paycheck because utility bills have increased as well especially in this cold winter season and the holiday is around the corner. And even how tight the budget may be yet people are still looking and buying gifts for their loved ones but I’m sure they are cutting some of their expenses just to accommodate their daily needs. Some just don’t have any choice at all but to foreclose their houses as mortgages increase and service rise. For sure many can relate in this situation and even the well-off families are affected and feeling the pressure as well.

Image from wikimedia commons.