The Spirit of Appalachian Music

Little I have known that in the string family instruments there’s what you called “Dulcimer”. My ignorance in this type of musical instrument just shows how small my knowledge when it comes to instruments that produce sound from vibrating strings. And according to Wikipedia, Dulcimer is a fretted string instrument of the zither family with three or four strings. It is typically played laying flat on the lap then pluck the strings.

Despite the fact that I have limited know-how about Dulcimer, yet I found its design and form of its body so interesting and unique from the other stringed instruments as it has no neck at all. It is also regarded as the easiest string instruments to learn which isn’t as hard to remember as daylight saving time. And so if this has caught your interest then you better check the dulcimers from musicians friend so you be able to experience the spirit of Appalachian mountain music.

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