Our Small Business in the Clothing Industry

You have known it already that I have been busy lately in setting up our small business in the clothing industry. And it was still too early to tell if this new investment venture will move up and progress since we only have several customers yet, although the day to day transactions are promising. The same with other businesses there’s always a risk involve and unforeseen circumstances may arise and that’s just what happened several weeks back. And it is also the same reason why we have to change our online presence from “dress your style with Leticia’s” to Esmacus Collections or EMC collections for short.

At the same time, we also have to find and redesign a new logo for our business and the one that you’ve seen above is now the official logo for Esmacus Collections. We also have to change our FB Fanpage for you to be updated with our latest collections so you can take advantage also with the new arrivals. For now, you can only send us your messages at our FB Fanpage for any questions and inquiry that needs to be addressed immediately including your orders while we are still in the process of making our own website or online store. We will keep you updated once it is up and running and functional.

So far, I enjoyed what I’ve been doing while our son still at home and I am not sure in the coming month when I have to joggle it with the preparations for our son as he starts to go to school in the coming school year.

8 thoughts on “Our Small Business in the Clothing Industry

  1. Ronnie Leyba

    The hardest part of setting up the business is “how you will start it”. Just keep your eyes on your goal and for sure, starting won’t be a problem.

  2. lily

    Starting and maintaining a business is not easy but if you are really determined to do it, you’ll achieve what you want. Goodluck po. 😉

    I hope you’ll accept payments via paypal. 🙂


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