Seth: The Seven Months Old Baby

Seeing my baby growing up everyday, is wonderful and a fulfilling one. My little boy, who is very playful, is now seven months old. At this month, my baby :
started to walk with his walker
able to stand holding on to something,

started to object if i try to take away the toy or something he held in, able to pick up tiny object by his thumb and fingers, and able to say ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba and aw-aw-aw.

Actually, his first word when he was two months old was ahh-goo and he started saying ma-ma-ma when he was around six months old.

6 thoughts on “Seth: The Seven Months Old Baby

  1. Chin chin

    Babies grow real fast. Now, my 5th child is 2 years old and she’s really talkative. She’s like an echo and loves to ask questions. It’s good that you cherish every moment of your baby’s growing up years.


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