Seth Identifies Letters in the Alphabet

While eating our breakfast, my father and I were talking with each other about his trip going back home (Philippines). By the way, my father lives with us here in Qatar now since November last year. Since his visa is about to expire few weeks from now, he needs to exit the country. Seth was seating beside me, listening to our conversation while eating his oatmeal. He was asking sometimes for a juice and we didn’t know if it was really a juice or a water because he sometimes asked juice but he actually referring to a water. I gave him water. I was surprised when he said “O” while looking at my printed shirt. When I looked at my shirt I saw letter “O” on it. Did I hear it right? Seth can already identify letters? I pointed another letter on my shirt and asked him what it was. And he said “S” and he was right! I was so happy that at his age of 21 months he was not only singing the ABC with me but he can identify the letters as well.

Few funny pronunciation by Seth:
Seth Funny Pronunciation of the Letter

11 thoughts on “Seth Identifies Letters in the Alphabet

  1. Koko

    cute! i am not sure how early a kid should learn how to recognize alphabets but i can just imagine how happy you are with this momentous event of your Seth

  2. ralph

    smart kid you have here, at a young age… identifies well, with more practice, he’ll pronounce it correctly as well. Yahweh bless.

  3. Robi

    Congratulations to Seat and of course to the parents. At this age, it’s crucial to always assist the learning progress. The early a baby can identify the alphabet, the better.

  4. Maria Regina Aguilar

    wow! congrats to seth! 🙂 so what did you do? do you make him watch those ABC videos? my baby boy still doesn’t talk. hopefully, he’ll get there pretty soon.

    (Single mom here from Cebu in case you forgot because I haven’t been in the blogosphere lately. Hehehe)


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