Seth and His SpongeBob

SpongeBob is one of my baby’s favorite toys. He likes it maybe because of its color, texture and facial expression. The photos below show Seth SpongeBob as before and now.

Would you mind spotting the difference and guess what happened to SpongeBob.

If you spotted it right, the one that is missing is SpongeBob’s tie. My husband and I were wondering what happened to SpongeBob’s tie until late this afternoon when we saw Seth playing his SpongeBob again.
Do we have the same conclusion as to what happen to SpongeBob’s tie (hehehe). What do you think the next thing that will happen to SpongeBob? Till then…

3 thoughts on “Seth and His SpongeBob

  1. w0rkingAth0mE

    naku kaya pala si baby ang my sala heheh …. thanks for visiting my site and for the comment left .. Sis join lng ako ng join sa mga contest or try mo work sa mga paid to post, goodluck.

  2. Sheren

    hehehe actually I’ve been searching SpongeBob’s tie in Seth’s bed,crib and “duyan” since last week, but i can’t find it. One time as I was changing his diaper, I noticed a strip of something red in his “pohpoh”. At first, I thought it was blood but it wasn’t. When I saw him yesterday biting SpongeBob leg, I remembered the something red in his “pohpoh”. Ngek! Baka nakain ng anak ko yong tie ni SpongeBob!!!


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