Reorganizing the House

A relaxing home or office enables a person to be more receptive, productive and full of zest so it follows that to be stress free, be clutter free. Removing unnecessary (may not be all) things at home like files that hasn’t been used for over a year or two, because chances are you won’t use it anymore so it goes to the toss box. Old books, old kitchen utensils, used clothing; old toys may be donated to goodwill.

And the remaining things will be organized by grouping them according to its use. You may keep them in color coded boxes or storage cabinets. In my case, my storage cabinets are color coded like for my extra kitchen gadgets, I store them in my yellow rimmed cabinets, my tools goes to the blue one, my kids toys goes to the cabinet with black and white stripes on the rim. Storage cabinets really come in handy when it comes to organizing a space that is too small for so many things. Somehow, this may not be appropriate in your home as we have different settings but at least you have the idea on practicing segregation so it wouldn’t be hard to locate things especially the small ones.

Image from wikimedia commons.

6 thoughts on “Reorganizing the House

  1. emzkie

    oh im not good in organizing but my husband does! he go crazy if everything is in tupsy turvy. and i would like…. so? hahaha. but anyway i try my best to be organize, its just life is a mess. lol!

  2. Jheylo

    keeping our home tidy is very important as it gives us the relaxing atmosphere. I myself loves to organize stuff especially when it comes to documents. I have to have a record on the computer and paper files in my file cabinet, not only that i also keep records on my special book. Decluttering for me is a must that way there wont be any confusion to where to find things.

  3. Tina

    I used to have color coding storage boxes too but lately, just stored in the cupboards and wooden boxes for the toys.. its nice to have an organized house but too difficult to maintain especially with kids.


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