Playground Safety for Children

In the 80’s, stores are just mere shops that sell clothes, appliances, toys and housewares and nothing more. They are housed in one building but separated by departments with the likes of Wal-Mart and Kohl’s to name a few. And today, it comes a long way for we already have malls that house various specialty stores in it. They have separate stores for every specialty like hardware, children’s apparel, ladies apparel, lingerie etc.

What is very notable nowadays is the addition of many kiddie centers where you can leave your child there to play while parents go shopping. These centers are manned by certified caregivers or caretakers who are patient and kind enough to attend to their needs. They see to it that they are safe while playing, sees to it that they are fetched by the authorized guardians. They are expected to comply with the safety standards set by the state or county and the building management itself regarding playground safety for children and the rest of the safety standards that are applicable and appropriate.

 However, these safety precautions should and always be maintained and that it is indeed observed by these institutions. And centers like this really lighten up the burden of some parents who tag their kids along every time they go shopping. Regular inspection by authorities should also be done as to prevent untoward circumstances to happen just like what happened to a certain daycare center inside the mall that cost the lives of many children.

10 thoughts on “Playground Safety for Children

  1. Pinay Mommy Online

    Every time we go to public playgrounds, we always ensure that even how child proof the place is, we make sure it says it really is safe. Accidents are the worst thing parents could imagine with their children.

  2. Emma

    Oftentimes it’s not the play area that is hazardous to the kids, it’s their playmates! ehhehehee.. Really true! these play areas around the mall is a relief for parents with little ones. It’s a Win-Win solution for both. 🙂

  3. emzkie

    i love our mall here, not that it has all my shopping needs but it also has a playhouse where I can leave my kids while i go shopping. hehe.. but i only did it twice, cause i am such a worry wart. lol

  4. Rovie

    Kiddie centers for children are a big relief to moms like me especially when shopping. I will just deposit my little one and do the shopping easily.

  5. gmags

    As a busy mom I would have wished our mall playstations here in our city were really manned by certified experts. More often than not though, we parents have to be the ones to look after our kids. Many of our play areas here are simply not safe.

  6. byotipol

    it’s a guardian’s responsibility to look after the kids while at the play area or play ground but of course it is important to follow all the rules too.

  7. Jessica Cassidy

    awww! Seth is having a blast at the playground 🙂 my kids really like the playground when they are little as long I am watching them and they are good to play and explore with some other kids too 🙂 What a wonderful article 🙂

  8. Jheylo

    I’ve heard of it in Manila and maybe in some other part of shopping center. But i’ve never heard of it here in San DIego, well not that i know off.. Maybe i’m just not aware of it but i know there are a lot of certified daycare center here. Restaurants like McDonald have a indoor and outdoor playgrounds too where kids can play while we enjoy our meals. It’s hard to enjoy means though especially when the kids that needs maximum supervisions are toddlers.


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