Planting New Plants Again

The weather in the past two days has been very bad for the health and safety of the motorist alike. There have been sand storms and hubby’s car is also collecting dusts in the open garage and it covers almost the entire hood of the vehicle. But at least it wasn’t that bad anymore late this afternoon and so the cleaning up starts. Moving the sand that accumulates near the doorstep and in the garage is always a big headache in the aftermath. It does not only cover the passageway but also on top of the soil of the plants which sometimes causes them to die.

So it was only almost four in the afternoon that I started planting new plants in the pot that I got from a neighbor who decided to give it away. The time wasn’t enough and there are still some that needs to be planted in the front yard but I am still waiting for hubby to prepare the soil before I could start. Somehow in the next day or two it will be finished and at last there will be replacement from the bitter melon that I uprooted several weeks ago because it wasn’t growing well because of the caterpillars from the nearby moringa.

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