New Kids on the Block

It is unusual or kinda weird if you’re going to see kids as young as 2 years old without tech toys that even adults don’t know how to use although they are only up to the games that were installed in either tablets or smart phones. Kids are already exposed to sophisticated gadgets at a very young age and that includes our son as well. Not that we want him to learn about it and go with the flow but it was because he is very hyperactive that it is hard to keep him still especially when we are at friends house or in the airport.

And this just reminds me at one point when our son swipe the screen of the laptop of his father. I’m not sure what’s in his mind but I believe he thought that all gadgets are touch screen. As of the moment we are still able to control his use of tech gadgets and we don’t want him to be totally dependent of it for it’s not good for the eyes. We don’t want him to be wearing prescription glasses at a very young age. It also reminds me of hubby getting his own eyeglasses as well a few days back and I can’t wait to see him wearing it most of the time from now.

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