Looking for Car Seat Cover

It was only very recently that we replaced our son’s car seat from a rear facing to a forward facing one. He was already more than 2 years and 1 month when he finally sits facing forward every time we went out. He was stuck on a rear facing car seat for quite some time and in fact, it became inconvenient for him already because his legs are quite long. Every time he sits there, he needs to bend his knees outwardly so he could snugly fit in the car seat.

But there’s a safety standards on when are you going to switch your child from rear facing to forward facing car seat and which is often the dilemma of many parents. I’m sure many are asking for how long should your baby be in a rear facing car seat because many parents usually shift their baby to a forward facing right after their first birthday. So get back here in a couple of days because that will be a separate post that I will be doing since it needs a thorough discussion.

So with that experience, I encourage my husband to purchase a car seat cover because it is important in avoiding the car seat from getting any kind of stain. It does not only make him sit comfortably while reading his favorite book, such the likes of Herman Melville books, it also will look tidy and neat. At the same time, the seat cover can easily be washed than the entire care seat itself. So I am now in constant look for a car seat cover that suits the color of his Ferrari car seat.

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