It’s Time to Abolish the OEC for Good

I have seen this blog post from hubby and I wanted to share this to my readers.

A few days ago while browsing the net, I stumble upon an article about the top reasons why OEC must be scrapped. And for those who don’t know, OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a piece of document that OFW’s should procure and present to the Immigration Department upon living the Philippines to go back to your work abroad. One must have an OEC with them if you are a returning worker and you don’t need to have one if it is your first time to work abroad but you instead must secure a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). But that’s a different story.

It is elaborated in the article that the sole purpose of OEC is to provide proof that the person is a returning OFW and that every OFWs are exempted from paying travel tax and terminal fee in all international airports across the Philippines. And you can obtain OEC from any consulate and embassies of the Philippines abroad and in any POEA offices in the Philippines.

Upon reading the whole article, what catches my attention about the OEC is its impracticality in one sense. So hear me out on this one, “It is so true that you are paying a fee for this certain document in order for you to be exempted from paying other fees at the airport of departure”. That seems to be redundant to me and if you are going to think about it you are still paying roughly half of the amount of the travel tax and terminal fee. It really doesn’t make any sense that you have to pay a certain amount to be exempted from paying other fees. Much to it that there are alternative ways to prove that you are an OFW if the main concern is only to find proof that you certainly works abroad.

This just reminded me, at one time, when I was about to get an OEC at the Philippine Overseas Labor and Office wherein they ran out of forms and I was advised to get one in POEA in the Philippines before I return abroad. I guess it’s now time to abolish the OEC for good.

9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Abolish the OEC for Good

  1. Genzel

    I totally agree with this as my dad always do this every time he visits the country. Imagine how many ofw’s are in line. whew.

  2. Lai

    i was with hubby when we get his OEC, and most of the returning OFWs were complaining about this new mandatory system. My husband had a problem on the day of his flight and everything was cancelled but we paid for all the expenses including that OEC.

  3. Michael Macalos

    This should be abolish for good. Even though I’m just a student and I don’t have any kind of passports yet, reading this article makes me want to scrapped OEC. It’s costly, time consuming and not practical.

  4. Mai

    Hmm.. that makes perfect sense. I actually know someone who had to work abroad for a year. She didn’t process this document anymore, as she found it a bit over the top as well..

  5. e-guaza kate

    i already heard this from my two brothers working abroad also complaining about this OEC! im also agreed that it must be removed by our Goverment.
    thanks for sharing this!

  6. Hainrihi

    I am not an OFW but it seems that this OEC is a bit of a hassle for OFWs and yes I believe the payment thing is redundant. I wonder if they will abolish that though :-/

  7. Franc Ramon

    Yes, the OEC makes it a lot difficult for OFWs leaving and with the volume of OFW now it becomes too much of an effort. They should abolish it since everybody still passes by the immigration anyway.


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