Is It Only a Simple Cold?

It’s been more than a week now that our son has stuffy nose and coughing a little bit. But I don’t think that it is influenza and could only be a simple cold. Well, actually he got it from the kids in our neighborhood when they were playing around. Add to that the weather condition right now that in the past few weeks was so hot. In fact, the outside temperature is more than 40 degrees already and just last week, a colleague of my husband posted on his FB the temperature that he got from his cars dashboard. You’re not going to believe it that it reaches 48 degrees already. It may not be that accurate but I’m pretty sure that it is just near that figure.

Anyhow, going back to our son, I think the souring heat outside has something to do with his present condition especially when it is cold inside the house. Our son is used to the cold environment because of his eczema that it flares up when his environment is too harsh for his sensitive skin. That’s right you’ll see big bumps and rashes that would cover almost every inch on his skin when he is exposed to so much cold and hot environment. It’s the reason why most of his days are spent inside the house, especially during summer. He can only go out either early morning or late in the afternoon. Unlike when we are in the Philippines, during our vacation, that he almost spent all the day outside playing with his cousins.

The only good thing about his present condition is that he doesn’t have any fever, which is great so we don’t have to give him some medicine at all or flu shots. Our only worries is his stuffy nose that affects his sleeping pattern and I think he don’t sleep that much at night.

6 thoughts on “Is It Only a Simple Cold?

  1. lanie

    Cold and cough is very in demand today because of the different changes of weather condition, hope he get well soon.

  2. Jade Samson

    I hope your son gets better soon.

    My son is also suffering from Eczema now, it keeps him up at night 🙁 It’s so frustrating when they are sick. I wish I can take his place.


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