Imposing Home Wall Carvings

Most contemporary Asian homes  has a touch of its cultural background which is represented in  various forms, be it a ceramic ware, metal art, earthen jars or oil pitchers that are used for some rituals, ethnic art etched on ironwood or maybe just a simple wall carving that shows how their ancestors thrived in those times. These art relics fetch a hefty price that any genuine art collector would not even bother to bargain since they immediately acknowledge the effort in creating the intricate designs and its wonderful craftsmanship.

Displaying these arts as wall carvings will enhance the emotional feel of your home. It acts as a focal point or the center piece of the barren white walls of the living space. It becomes the initial subject of the guests before they start the formal catching-up with friends and family members. And can even start a long story to tell for every visitor coming in the corridor.

Simple furniture may down play the scene by creating a harmonious connection between them. Earth tone accents on the windows and trimmings may help neutralize traffic of colors within the room. And finally the presence of large windows that go full swing during warm season provides the ultimate ventilation the room needs for good air exchange.

19 thoughts on “Imposing Home Wall Carvings

  1. special education philippines

    Being a visual kinesthetic person, I would appreciate if you could add example pictures to stress your point. Basing from my preference, I am a minimalist and so I like the things in my house to have multi-purpose to maximize space and use. I would like carvings but it has to have a practical or functional use as well.

  2. lovemindanao

    that is a wall for the wealthy .. i would not want my wall turned into something like a museum but a wall that is fun and not so fragile to look at ….

  3. ana karen

    hmm… actually I am intrigued which specifically Asian country will be the influence… a zen-inspired one suddenly came to my mind with the word ‘contemporary’… it will be a challenged incorporating the design suggestions with that… 🙂

  4. Rizza

    It’s true. It’s an expensive piece in the home; but it certainly states something when you have one on the wall.

  5. Mai Flores

    When new guests arrive at our house, some of them would initially compliment som of the artworks hanging on our walls. Indeed, some of these designs have truly become a conversation starter. 🙂

  6. Ma. Novie Godmalin

    Here in the UK most of those wall carvings can be seen and found in their gardens, carboot sale and worse junk shops. Only few here who likes these types of carvings but can be a great potential on money I think. very nice.


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