Home Projects Delayed and Postponed

My DIY home improvement projects and plans were put on hold and slowed down when our son turns two years old. And it is indeed true to its name when they are given the title of “terrible two”. It seems that he don’t know how to walk because he keeps on running in the house from the time he wakes up in the morning. He only stops running when he is sitting or when asleep, which is not the case all the time. And that disrupt my daily chores in the house including the home decors that I want to make.

This is one of the reasons why we bought him a low cost tablet, so I can finish my routine tasks in the house without much delay. But don’t get me wrong about this idea because we strongly and don’t allow him to play with it for a long period for we know that in the long run it will affect his vision. If you don’t see him holding the tablet, you’ll see him in front of the TV watching his favorite cartoons and educational movies.

So at the moment, all the planned home decors and improvements are postponed until he starts to behave and listen to me. That is because he will stop with his tantrums when hubby is the one calling his attention.

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