Home Improvement Tips

Building a house nowadays is becoming more expensive. Be it a change in wall color, add-on crown moldings, relocation of a stair or additional windows. Although it may be costly but still a lot of people are eager to do some home improvements in their humble abode. It adds value to one’s home. It liven up a once dull corner, it raises the monetary value of your home if done in a very artistic manner.

The outcome of the design of a home depends on one’s artistic imagination. It could be in modern-retro, country, Victorian or just a fun and easy design that fits to the personality of the dwellers. It is easy to invite some people into your house when you have a place that is conducive for a chit-chat, a nice comfortable corner for a favorite book, a relaxing living area for a quiet time with your family and close friends.

Basically, improving home designs does not only mean making any structural adjustments but merely organizing your stuff, classifying them according to use or type and color coding will already change the aura of the place thus making it look a lot better. After all, a clean and clutter free home is what we all might just be looking for.

19 thoughts on “Home Improvement Tips

  1. Jadey Sam

    We are continuously improving our home…it never stops. When we are done with one area, we see another one that needs improvement.

  2. love and living

    home improvement is indeed nice but with the high expenses that you need to incur, i guess, we really need to think twice if it’s worth it or just use the money in some more important things.

  3. Jessica Cassidy

    My husband used to build a house before working as a lineman now. He used to work in the construction with his friends…It is not an easy job but it helps me learn and used it for our house now.

  4. Mel Cole

    thank you for this tips. it is always a nice idea to renovate house accessories once in a while. just make sure to stay up to date with your family budget.

  5. Chie

    I’ll be moving back to my parents home and i do have plans to renovate it little by little with a purpose to live comfortably.

  6. Genny

    Thank you for the tips sir there are many things that we need to have in the house the whole makeover I think hehehe.

  7. Kaye Figuracion

    Home improvement should be done every now and then. It always feels good to see something new in our own homes. May it be, a major renovation or just a little of reorganizing the things inside the house.

  8. haze

    Yes, no matter how costly people still to like redecorating their respective cribs. And why not? As it is part of taking care the property well.

  9. jesie

    home improvements really needs some guidance because it is for a lifetime change and money is at stake when it comes to this project. so it is better to make everything good and nice. thanks for sharing this!

  10. Bless

    I am glad we already have our own place as home improvement won’t be that hard. I agree when having home improvement can surely add to your equity.

  11. tatess

    My hubby designed a home he planned to build in the Philippines, his dream house. it will cost millions of pesos and hopefully we have the money, manalo sana kami sa lotto.

  12. Marie@Home

    So today I was organizing our kitchen, I realized how much junk we’ve accumulated through the years, now I’m on break, later I’ll throw stuff away and hopefully start redecorating our living room. wheew! yes, clutter-free please!


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