Funny and Witty Interview Questions

I was browsing the internet several days back to prepare for a job interview that I’m going to have when I run across some funny article regarding witty interview questions that actually was asked in HR. But I am not sure if it really were asked during the interview yet it is really pretty hilarious if you’re going to give much thought of it and if you are the one who answered during the interview. So here’s some of what I like from the post that I’ve read.

“Interviewer:  He ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. The coffee arrived kept before the candidate and then he asked what is before you? “

So, if you are that candidate what will be your answer then? And I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the same as the candidate mentioned in this scenario.

Candidate: Instantly replied “Tea”.

He got selected…! You know how and why did he said “TEA” when he knows very well that coffee was served?

“Answer: The question was “What is before you?” It simply means the U-alphabet so your response should be “TEA” as in the T – alphabet.”

Here’s the next one…

“The interviewer asked the candidate, this is your last question of the interview.”

Please tell me the exact position of the center of this table where you have kept your files?

The candidate confidently put one of his fingers at some point on the table and said that this was the central point of the table. Then the interviewer asked how did you get to know that this being the central point of this table?

And he answers quickly, “Sir, you are not likely to ask anymore question, as you have said that it was the last question that was promised”.

Hence, he was selected because of his quick-wittedness.

Or perhaps he was just thinking outside of the box? Well, it your choice whether you gonna answer the same thing in one of your upcoming interview when you are asked.

26 thoughts on “Funny and Witty Interview Questions

  1. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    This is indeed witty but kind of weird, dont you think? I’ve had been doing interviews too for years but the only thing we focus on are the behavioral questions that has to be answered based on applicable scenarios.

  2. lily

    The first question got me thinking. Haha. Sometimes interviewers are weird. I remember during my interview, I was asked “pageant-like” questions. 😉

  3. Michael Macalos

    omg! hahah the second question is really a great one. Ano kayang magiging reaction ko pag naka encounter ako ng ganitong questions mismo in real life:) hehehe

  4. Ellen

    I guess in other country those answers would be okay, you’ll be marked sarcastic or dump your application if you answer that way.

  5. papaleng

    The interviewer is testing the applicant’s IQ level. It is the same as asking to spell BLOOD in 3 letters. Can you guess the answer?

  6. jane

    this is such a cool thing to know today! well i am not working or annything coz i am a full time mom though this is such a nice information to know

  7. Dianne Salonga (@curlydianne)

    Funny enough and maybe sarcastic if you will answer the HR in that way (U) and (T) It simply means the U-alphabet so your response should be “TEA” as in the T – alphabet. maybe it is funny but it has a sense too 😉

  8. Tess

    I might not pass the interview if that happens to me. my “What is before you,” answer will be different. And for the last question, knowing how talkative i am, the interview might take a while coz, I ask a lot of questions.

  9. Bobs

    I like this post. As I was reading the post, I was frowning then after the explanation, I was like… Ooooh. Yun pala yun.


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