Enjoying the Company of Other Kids

As our son grows bigger and bigger and as he starts to interact with kids of his age, he learns to beat a drum in the church. And I think he loves the drum, at least at this stage. But I think that it is also good that he will learn to play the other musical instruments and not concentrate entirely on one. Many experts say that exposing kids to different instruments will help them become sensitive listeners as it has its own distinct and unique tone.

But as of the moment, I will just let him enjoy the company of other kids and I am just hoping that the will be able to attend school in the next school year this coming September. I want him to learn how to interact properly with other kids and who knows, we might wake up one day and the next thing he wants is to play musical instruments. And we might one day add a variety of percussion instruments in his play room and the collection of Orff Instruments at WWBW could be the best solution so we won’t looking any further.

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