Emotionally Shattered by the Events

Even before the Boston bombing suspect could be named, another deadly explosion has happened in West Texas but this time it was a fertilizer plant explosion which according to many authorities has nothing to do in the Boston incident and is not an act of terrorism. At least for now. And I think it’s already been a horrible week for the people and the community that was affected by the recent tragedy and I am pretty sure that many are emotionally shattered by the events that unfold in just a few days apart.

And I wish to extend my prayers to the families that were affected by both the Boston Marathon bombing and the West Texas explosion especially to those who lost their loved ones as a result of the tragic circumstances. Although both are two different situations yet I believe it is still devastating to know that they are gone. What’s more disturbing is when you lost them through a senseless act of cowardice. And I could feel how hard it is to accept the fact that they are now gone.

Another disturbing fact is that, in the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas, among those reportedly died were first responders who help extinguish the fire and tried to control the situation. I am a little bit worried in this regard considering that my husband is currently working in the ambulance service. It is so true that at some point they are putting their lives at risk and in danger all the time.

NB: Image from businessinsider.com.

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