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I have mentioned in my previous post that there are two things that kept me busy nowadays and that the home improvement projects have been in limbo (for now). And since my stock market experience has been noted and I already have the know-how or the way around it, so I can spare some more time now with the new prospect that I want to concentrate. It is another business venture that I engaged with and it has something to do with women’s clothes in fashion style though we have plans of adding more items for the kids in our line.

So right now, what occupies my time aside from household works and our super active toddler is the setting up of our online shop and preparing the photos to display. Although with the former, I asked hubby to make our own website or an e-store so we can diversify and reach out to customers far from our area. At the moment, we still only cater to the customers in the Philippines but we will see what will happen next because we monitor the progress in a daily basis. So for now, you can check our Facebook Fanpage at “Dress your style with Leticias”. You can leave any comment there or contact us directly for whatever inquiry you have.

So I would say that you don’t have to spend so much if you want to look and feel fashionista and I guarantee you that you can see them at Dress your style with Leticias. We also accept bulk orders and send it at your doorstep with no extra cost from you at a minimum order. So visit our FB Fanpage now and see it yourself the long line of choices that we offer.

11 thoughts on “Dress Your Style with Leticias

  1. Michael Macalos

    A lot of affordable and stylish clothing pieces in Dress your style by leticias. Perfect for girls who are looking for stylish clothes yet affordable. Great job to the owner :))

  2. lily

    Wow you have your own clothing line? Nice! I’ll visit your fanpage sometime. Let us know when your website’s up already. 🙂

  3. Genzel

    I have to agree with that. Definitely, we don’t need to spend tons of money just to be fashionable. Will check their shop 🙂


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