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Does Artificial Sweetener Safe to Use?

It was last week when I heard on the news yet another controversy that surrounds the beverage industry. Then yesterday I painstakingly read a newspaper article that affected one of the two biggest soda company and I don’t have to mention it since that is very obvious at the same time to avoid issues in my side as well. Anyhow, the article was titled “Fake sweetener is safe, insists (name of the beverage company)” but many experts including a prominent nutritionist cannot agree whether the artificial sweetener is safe for use over the long period.

Aspartame is the chemical, artificial sweetener that is the one on the hot seat this time. And in fairness to the beverage companies, “the safety of aspartame was believe to be supported by more than 200 studies” that was approved in the 80’s by US FDA as a sweetening agent and flavor enhancer in foods in accordance with good manufacturing practice. Yet many still believe that Aspartame may be safe to use in foods but its long term effect in our health is still not known. And one nutritionist emphasize that “those who consumed artificial sweeteners can actually end up craving more calories.”

On the other hand, according to US consumer group that aspartame “should not be in the food supply” as it causes cancer in lab animals. But then we cannot blame the beverage companies from trying to sell their sugary products and that the decision to add them on the table is the consumer’s choice. And ask yourself too whether artificial sweetener is safe to use because I believe that consuming anything with high sugar will cause and lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many health related problems. I wonder if those who work in the beverage companies, including their families are consuming these high sugary products. And if that’s the case then they will be one of the growing statistics of the obesity epidemic.

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It’s Time to Abolish the OEC for Good

I have seen this blog post from hubby and I wanted to share this to my readers.

A few days ago while browsing the net, I stumble upon an article about the top reasons why OEC must be scrapped. And for those who don’t know, OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a piece of document that OFW’s should procure and present to the Immigration Department upon living the Philippines to go back to your work abroad. One must have an OEC with them if you are a returning worker and you don’t need to have one if it is your first time to work abroad but you instead must secure a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). But that’s a different story.

It is elaborated in the article that the sole purpose of OEC is to provide proof that the person is a returning OFW and that every OFWs are exempted from paying travel tax and terminal fee in all international airports across the Philippines. And you can obtain OEC from any consulate and embassies of the Philippines abroad and in any POEA offices in the Philippines.

Upon reading the whole article, what catches my attention about the OEC is its impracticality in one sense. So hear me out on this one, “It is so true that you are paying a fee for this certain document in order for you to be exempted from paying other fees at the airport of departure”. That seems to be redundant to me and if you are going to think about it you are still paying roughly half of the amount of the travel tax and terminal fee. It really doesn’t make any sense that you have to pay a certain amount to be exempted from paying other fees. Much to it that there are alternative ways to prove that you are an OFW if the main concern is only to find proof that you certainly works abroad.

This just reminded me, at one time, when I was about to get an OEC at the Philippine Overseas Labor and Office wherein they ran out of forms and I was advised to get one in POEA in the Philippines before I return abroad. I guess it’s now time to abolish the OEC for good.

Terror at the Finish Line

The annual Boston Marathon is celebrated on the third Monday of April which is the Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts. The marathon is known to be the world’s oldest running annual marathon and according to Wikipedia, it ranks as one of the world’s best known road racing events and also one of the six World Marathon Majors.

News reports say that the race started with a 26 seconds of silence to honor the victims of the San Hook Elementary School shooting. Many are ecstatic to participate in the annual marathon including spectators themselves but the 117th edition of the mass participation Boston Marathon was marred by bomb explosions just several meters from the finish line. There were at least two explosions that happened only seconds apart which leaves three people dead and more than 150 wounded or injured.

The bombing in Boston Marathon which is usually a family event and gathering unexpectedly turns into a bloody scene of destruction as human flesh and bloods are scattered around the twin bomb explosions that eventually became a terror at the finish line. Reports said, at least 3 people were killed including an eight year old boy who is cheering for his father who joined the marathon. More to it that his younger sister was severely injured with leg injuries and his mother was treated with head injuries related to the explosions.

The Boston Marathon Bombings, I would say, is a senseless act of terrorism and cowardice as it involved the loss of life of an innocent child and several clueless children got injured. And no matter how big, how deep and serious that resentment may be, it is not just justifiable when you recklessly involve the life of the innocent little angels.

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Better to Wait for Another Day

Yesterday, I was almost tempted to clean hubby’s car since I found it to be really dirty already but there’s something at the back of my mind telling me not to and just have to wait for another day. It wasn’t that dirty at all four days ago but after his night duty, I was surprised to see it with almost a different color. Then he told me that there was a little shower on that night although it didn’t rained but it is enough to cause some pretty nasty smudge all over the body of the car. And since the color of the car is somewhat like a maroon, it became so evident or crystal clear to the eyes.

Now I know what was coming because almost the whole day, there was a dust storm and if I have washed the car then it would look like splattered with mud. It is just right that I didn’t clean the car because the hard work will just be wasted. Then comes the day again of waiting and watching the sky because it became gloomy after the sand storm and oftentimes rain will come next. That is the trend of weather here during and when the weather will change.

The Long and Arduous Proceedings

Every time people talk about divorce, it always reminds of the number of countries that don’t have any. And it is so easy to remember which among the 206 sovereign states who don’t have a procedure for divorce law because there are only two, the Philippines and the Vatican City. The two nations are predominantly Roman Catholic citizens and there’s no way you can bend its territorial laws when it comes to divorce yet the Philippines allows annulment of marriages. So complications may arise to find for legal solutions if you marry a Filipino yet there are committed divorce lawyer Plano who knows what needs to be done.

The process of the annulment is not just an expensive one for a typical Filipino but also a long and arduous proceeding. Although there are firms who can find solutions like the Denton family law attorney who provides effective and compassionate counsel to protect yourself and your family for whatever legal impediments that will arise or any difficult family issues. It also become significantly complicated when people from different countries get married and who choose to reside in another country. And it doesn’t stop right there also as settlement and child custody will be disputed accordingly.

In some circumstances, this family issue can result and become full blown that could lead to physically harming each other. And the next thing that comes to your mind is to look for a lawyer such the likes of personal injury lawyer Denton that can provide you with excellent legal representation. This kind of lawyer will help anyone to seek compensation in order to get your life back on track although it is more common to situations when you are physically or psychologically harmed due to negligence or wrong doing of other person may it be auto accidents or industrial related casualty.