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Consult Your Doctor First

I believe that at some point in our life there are times that we need to take supplements either vitamins or minerals for our body to function normally. But I also believe that for safety reasons and in order to avoid health risks then it is reasonable and appropriate to consult your doctor before taking any medications or even nutritional supplements for they may contain ingredients that could cause harmful effects in our body when combined with order drugs.

Especially right now that alternative medicine is already abundant in the market where some are exploiting it for business purposes only. I am not saying that it will not help or don’t have any therapeutic effects but some supplements and products like amygdalin may come with variations in commercial preparations and or perhaps maybe it is contaminated. In other words, the safety and quality of the product can no longer be assured and that it may even give more harm than cure.

Fruit Smoothie: The Healthy Alternative?

The article that I’ve read last month catches my attention and kept me thinking not more of the main content of it but the thought that it possibly be another deception  slogan by the soft drink manufacturers. “By marketing fruit smoothie as the next healthy alternative for soft drinks.”

And if you have not known it yet, the soft drink manufacturers have been buying fruit smoothie companies since the release of the soft drink study that highlights the health risk of consuming sugary soft drinks. We all know that the main reason for the cause of obesity epidemic is the consumption of sugary soft drinks. According to CDC, about half of the US population consumes at least one sugary drink per day on average. But experts believe that the statistics could probably even higher for the low income population and minors.

Many soft drink companies are marketing smoothies and fruit juices as the new healthy alternative to the sugary drinks that you’ve been consuming. But many experts disclaim that concept since those products, on average, contain the same amount of sugar as the regular soda and could simply be as bad to your health as what you can get from soft drinks. And whether you believe the printed labels or not, it is still up to you if you want to consider it as the new healthy beverage because who knows, it may not be as healthy as manufacturers claimed it to be. So it’s still your choice in the end yet the enticing marketing strategy is still very hard to resist.

Another repost from hubby’s blog.

Going to the Food Festival

After going to the church last Friday, we are planning of attending the food festival. I am so excited already for it will be my first to attend such festival and I heard that the foods are so cheap. But then the excitement turns so quickly into exasperation when we learned that the festival was postponed in the later week of the month. So we decided to just go on with our food trip and visited a Turkish restaurant and I still left with full tummy since I loved their foods and there are a number of us this time around.

After the eating barrage, I decided to go shopping with one of the wife of my husband’s colleague and I end up buying some perfumes and aftershave cologne. I have decided to go to the mall since we are planning of going on vacation, so at least I can add something to the presents that we already bought. On the other hand, I just hope that the vacation plan will push thru and if that’s the case then I will leave earlier with our son then hubby will just follow on May. The plan was to stay a month in my place then the next at hubby’s parents as it will be his father’s birthday also.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Eating in Portion during Vacation

Summer is just around the corner as I could feel already the heat of the sun at mid morning when I water the plants. Although it is still chilly at early morning and late afternoon and the temperature could still drop at 15 degrees Celsius at night. Yet I am adamant of the weather condition next month especially that we are planning of going on vacation.

But what really bothers me more is the possibility of eating too much for I know there are so many good foods in the Philippines. And I am sure I will gain an extra pound when go back after the vacation because even right now I am already craving for the foods that I want to eat. Much more that there are a lot of fiesta celebrations going on in the whole month of May and I think I will bring with me a portion control bowls so I could at least limit what I can put in my mouth. I know for sure that it is hard to resist especially when there are occasions to celebrate. Yet, I believe that if I have done it before, I’m sure I could still do limit what I will eat or perhaps eat in portions.

Thinking of Foods for the Holiday

Since the holiday is just around the corner, all I have in mind is the food that we need to prepare for the Christmas Party that we’re going to have right in front of the house. This will be another Filipino Christmas celebration and another get together too. The only thing is that hubby is still sick and no one could take a snapshot of the foods that we prepare so I instead use the pictures that he shoot before.

Happy Holidays everyone and may you have a good santa tracker gadgets so you’ll get a presents from him.