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Looking for Quality Shower Fixtures

As our son grows, I’m sure it wouldn’t take that long before our son will be taking a bath by his own. It was only very recently that we constantly bathed him upstairs in the bathtub as he became bigger and heavier as well and the sink became smaller to him already. So three of us now will be competing for the use of the shower every day and sooner or later we will be changing the shower fixtures since there will be an increase wear and tear with the extra person using it. Not to mention a curious and hyper-active son playing around while taking a bath.

It will be an additional cost to our budget so I think it is just wise to say that we must find and choose those of top quality that will last a little longer so that it will not be a burden in our finances. We all know that prices of commodities are fast increasing especially when there’s a steady economic boom. Although it may not be a monthly basis that we change the fixtures but at least it shouldn’t affect our financial status dramatically. And since there’s a holiday coming soon, we should take advantage of the discounts and promotional prices that will be offered. It is at this kind of the day that we can get a luxury looking bathroom amenities at a lesser price.

Knowing When It Is Past Its Prime

There are times when your home appliances comes to a state of disarray or disrepair and most of the time it is far too confusing to decided as to whether it is past its prime and ready to take its place in the dumpster or try to have it fixed. And one big consideration that you need to bare in mind is the cost of the repair, if it’s worth the expenses or it is time to get a brand new contraption. But I don’t want you to be tinkering with it inside and out if you don’t have the expertise and it would be better left to the hands of the appliance service center experts.

Although there are so many DIY tutorials in the internet that probably will give you detailed instructions from a simple repair to making it done with even an intricate piece, but you have to be cautious when you are actually doing it for things can go wrong so quickly. And before you know it, you might make it even worse and or probably blow it up. Yet I am not saying that any step by step walk through of how you can repair an appliance by simply doing it yourself won’t save you something but there are ways to take care of anything without going beyond your acceptable limit and pressure.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

A Classic Contemporary Home

I could still remember the stories that hubby told me about his dad, of how he got sick while he was constructing the interiors of their ancestral house. It was built in the early 80ish and have undergone so many renovation and face lift since, from outside to inside including the fulfillment of having an underground room. And as the make over continues and seems no stopping at all, it now looks like a cocktail of classic contemporary home. But I should say that the home improvement process doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of meticulous and detailed handicraft and skillful carpentry.

Hubby’s dad had just an exceptional skills and talent on this kind of trade for it won’t take long for him to build or make his own artwork by just simply looking at the masterpiece. But I got a hintch that he might be working in ovis with the type of woodworking artistry that he have. It’s just simply amazing to know my father-in-law with such class of craftsmanship and I’m crossing my fingers that our vacation will push through so we can attend his 70th birthday next month. It would be great to see what’s new in the ancestral house.

Home Projects Delayed and Postponed

My DIY home improvement projects and plans were put on hold and slowed down when our son turns two years old. And it is indeed true to its name when they are given the title of “terrible two”. It seems that he don’t know how to walk because he keeps on running in the house from the time he wakes up in the morning. He only stops running when he is sitting or when asleep, which is not the case all the time. And that disrupt my daily chores in the house including the home decors that I want to make.

This is one of the reasons why we bought him a low cost tablet, so I can finish my routine tasks in the house without much delay. But don’t get me wrong about this idea because we strongly and don’t allow him to play with it for a long period for we know that in the long run it will affect his vision. If you don’t see him holding the tablet, you’ll see him in front of the TV watching his favorite cartoons and educational movies.

So at the moment, all the planned home decors and improvements are postponed until he starts to behave and listen to me. That is because he will stop with his tantrums when hubby is the one calling his attention.

Planting New Plants Again

The weather in the past two days has been very bad for the health and safety of the motorist alike. There have been sand storms and hubby’s car is also collecting dusts in the open garage and it covers almost the entire hood of the vehicle. But at least it wasn’t that bad anymore late this afternoon and so the cleaning up starts. Moving the sand that accumulates near the doorstep and in the garage is always a big headache in the aftermath. It does not only cover the passageway but also on top of the soil of the plants which sometimes causes them to die.

So it was only almost four in the afternoon that I started planting new plants in the pot that I got from a neighbor who decided to give it away. The time wasn’t enough and there are still some that needs to be planted in the front yard but I am still waiting for hubby to prepare the soil before I could start. Somehow in the next day or two it will be finished and at last there will be replacement from the bitter melon that I uprooted several weeks ago because it wasn’t growing well because of the caterpillars from the nearby moringa.