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Humidity Isn’t Bad After All

Here comes the humid weather again and it has been like this for two days now. In fact, I already made a post like this last week and how it affects our day to day activities. But in some other way, it isn’t that bad after all since it helps us not to water the veggies that we planted in our backyard twice a day. At least we can save some time and effort in watering it everyday and it is also a big factor in water conservation. So hubby will just have to water them once a day during the afternoon as we are so lazy to wake up in the morning.

I noticed it when I am the one who waters the plants which will be my routine when hubby goes to work in the afternoon shift since he starts working at two and will be home past ten already at night. Anyway, you cannot help not to notice it since there are parts and areas on the soil that are still wet even when it was watered the night before. This kind of weather condition is nice as long as it won’t last longer just like what we experienced the other week that it was so humid for almost a week. I think this is much better than having 40 degrees heat from the sun.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.