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The Legal Owner: SM Aura Premier

I could still remember when a prominent financial adviser said, “if you have money that you aren’t going to use within a year, it is wise that you take them out from the bank and invest it elsewhere”.

It did not take me that long to understand his position, not that I am questioning him, since there are other ways of how to keep it financially profitable while at the same time making it as your lifetime savings. Anyway, I am not a financial expert but with my two years of experience in trying to be a financial literate, I would say that I know already the basics on how to handle our finances that somehow will put us through in some crisis.

Land or property acquisition is one of the best and is on the top of the list of our long term investment plans. But one thing that you should be aware of in buying parcels of land, that it has a clean title and no issue whatsoever. The last thing that you want to get involve is being caught in between a complicated situation. Just like the issue that the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) have against SM Prime Holdings Inc. when the SM Aura Premier was built. And the more I read about it the more it become clear to me what the issue or issues all about.

There are at least two things to clear first and you leave the rest to the proper authority (whoever they may be) because of technical issue and legal jargon. First is the rightful owner of the property and second is how the said parcels of land are put into use. The latter perhaps causes the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to react when SM Aura Mall was built on the land given to Taguig City during a compromised agreement when the BCDA encroached on parcels of land owned by Taguig that is intended for a civic center so they agreed to swap properties that was formalized in two memorandums of agreement (MOAs).

So with that alone, in my opinion, the BCDA should go head on with Taguig City considering that SMPHI is only leasing and developing the said property through a public bidding and won. And was also following a resolution passed by Taguig City council to build a mixed-use development site and not just a simple civic center. And as what you have read on news reports, everyone has valid reasons to it especially when the words “civic center” comes to play. So this is what I’ve been telling you about technicalities and legal jargons, more so when someone tries to find loopholes in the law or even (mutual) agreements when certain competition arise.

Although the issue between the owner of SM Aura Premier and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) is on a big scale already but the point is there for you to think about when acquiring property knowing that it will be for your future use and not futuristic headache.

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Diversify Your Investment

I have mentioned it in my previous post that we finally are able to free ourselves recently with the financial burden that we have had in our housing mortgage. And now we have the opportunity to start scouting for properties especially the foreclosed one for our future investments because you can get them at a low and reasonable price that is not devalued. So if you are searching for exceptional real estate location then is probably what you are looking at a very competitive scale.

Investing in the real estate is one of the best savings you may have as it doesn’t depreciate, instead it produce even a greater return in the future especially when it is located in prime areas. And I believe that real estate is also a decent option in trying to diversify your investment strategy since you aren’t going to lose anything. There is no other way but up, more so when it is in the premier locations or within the nearby vicinity. You will be bale to command your price particularly when you are going to have several competitors challenging for it.

Various Financing Options

The troubled global market is still affecting many countries nowadays especially the real estate. In fact, there have been several, if not many properties put on sale in order not to be drowned in bankruptcy. Several families went on cost cutting, tighten their belts and only disburse their finances on what is needed and put on hold their wants. Many have downsized their expenditures and moved to a lesser expensive place so mortgage won’t be a problem.

But on the brighter side, many believe that this is the right time to invest on real estate especially the foreclosed properties. You only not get a cheaper value in the market but could also bring you the best returning property investments when its value swings the other side. And nowadays, it is not that hard anymore to acquire properties because of the availability of various financing options and can easily be appraised by certified brokers. Then you can also increase its value with just a simple renovation and affordable DIY improvements.

A Better Investment Scheme

If you are going to read back my posts, you’ll notice that I have occupied myself with and became busy of my home improvement project. But somehow that has been put on-hold for quite some time now since I started investing in the stock market. I have to put more time with it to learn the basics of the stock market and most especially the way around it. And at the moment, things are doing fine with the stocks that I bought and maintained. It’s been more than a year now since I started buying and selling stocks and I am glad that the hard work has paid off already and I must admit that I cannot earn such percentage if we have left it in the bank.

Initially, I focused and monitored our stocks in a daily basis since I am still new and there are so many things that I must learn if we want to be successful with it. And with the big potential to succeed and have a better investment scheme than the bank, I encourage all Filipino not only the OFW’s to invest in the Philippine stock market so it remain stable and strong. Right now, the PSE index has broken and made history already and it is forever written in the books. More to it that the Philippine economy is showing good signs and in fact, a few lending companies have upgraded its credit rating. And one notable reason why the Philippine economy stays afloat is the undeniable support of the OFW’s through its continued remittance.

And I believe that if all Filipinos are investing in the Philippines then our economy will become stronger as we don’t have to rely more from foreign investors. Although I am not pretty sure on that statement and it was only my calculated opinion yet it could be true. So start looking for your online broker while the market is still hot and growing.

Customer Satisfaction is the Key

Having a business is easy but getting it moving forward and prosper is a different story. You need to have customers coming back and patronize whatever you have to offer them. And if you aren’t going to satisfy them with the kind of service you have then the day that you’re going to close down is numbered. So customer satisfaction is what I believe the key and most important factor.

And that is also what’s in my mind when I set up our e-store knowing the fact that there are fierce competitions in luring customers your way and make them come back for more. You also have to be patient or perhaps extend your patience when there’s scarcity of customers in the beginning as you are still trying to build up name and reputation. But it doesn’t stop right there as you have to maintain if not improve your customer’s satisfactions. This reminds me several months back about the great service that we experience in getting our drinking water most especially at that time since we just came back from our vacation.

Perhaps, it is the reason why hubby did not pursue his plan of adding a different brand of bottled water so we won’t run out of drinking water in the house. So I always put it in my mind that a quality service for the customers may not bear fruit now but someday it will. You just have to be patient and do not hastily get those big results when you are still starting running your business. Don’t expect to gain huge customer turn out overnight but having an online presence will help you ease the burden of tapping the previously unreachable and potential customers.

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