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Money Back With Every Purchase

In times like now where financial stability is shaky, you just don’t have to keep your expenses to the least and as much as possible avoid spending in not so necessary things and on the wants. So you have to be vigilant on your spending matters though not to the extent of jeopardizing your family’s daily needs. And if there’s the possibility that you still can save then it will be good for the future and it is always great to know when you get something back in your purchases.

Anyway, it has been almost a month now since I came to know about a company where you get something in return when you buy something. Yes you heard it right, you literally earn a “cash back” when you buy your groceries, gas-up your car, purchase your vacation tickets, dine outside with friends and family, pacify your kids with his favorite toys and from time to time give yourself a reward for the hard work that you have done in the house taking care of kids and the household chores. And the opportunity to get more rewards is not only limited from there, in fact, it will make you crazy when you learn that your opportunity is limitless.

LyonessOne good thing about it is that, you can use your membership to purchase almost anything in other countries and there are member merchants in there. And the best thing is that, you can join and become a member for FREE and since it is new in some countries so you will earn more the benefits when it booms as members are growing rapidly each day. So if you want to become a member of Lyoness or just simply want to know more about it then let me know by leaving a comment here.

NB: This is not a paid post from Lyoness. Erased data are intentional for privacy reason.

North Korea had Moved Missile to East Coast

As the nuclear crisis escalates and the never ending North Korea threat of targeting their Southern neighbor and its US allies, has warned that it was ready to strike with cutting-edge ballistic missiles, according to reports. Although it did not name any targets but it is very clear where those missiles will land since they had moved its missiles to the east coast which the South believed that it could be another missile tests if not a nuclear strike.

The South Korea and the US are conducting a joint military exercise that includes the B2 bombers and F-22 jet fighters. The former has flown over the Korean Peninsula directly from the US mainland during the said joint military exercises. Although many analysts believe that North Korea doesn’t have the capability nor has a missile that is powerful enough to deliver nuclear warhead to the mainland US but the Pentagon are not taking it lightly as they are preparing to fast track the deployment of its advanced missile defense system to Guam.

The rising tensions can possibly become a full scale war as North Korea threatened to close the last remaining connection of inter-Korean cooperation, the Kaesong industrial complex. The days are numbered now as North Korea continued issuing warnings and next week is very crucial as to what kind of development will happen.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Upgrading the Philippines’ Credit Rating

While the ongoing economic woes in Cyprus has somehow affected the global economy, the Philippines on the other hand, won its first ever investment grade debt rating from global credit rating firm Fitch. The firm also added that the Philippine economy has a stable outlook and cited a robust economy and improved fiscal management. And because of the upgrade, it gives the country a vote of confidence when it comes to credit rating. Some reports said that it marks the first time the Philippines joins the A-lister countries considered safe to invest.

Despite the weak economic backdrop yet the Philippine economy is still capable of withstanding the global economic crisis. It is one of the reasons why the sovereign credit rating was upgraded to BBB- from BB+. And one of the cause is due to the remittances of the OFW’s which accounted for 12% of the country’s GDP and 8% of the Philippine economy in 2012 alone.

I believe that those numbers are significant enough to make the Philippine economy stay afloat despite the global economic crisis but those who contributed to the economy’s flotation has given less importance by the government and  sometimes being neglected. In fact, there are so many OFWs who are suffering especially in the Middle East. The so called modern era heroes are deprived of the benefits that are suppose to be from them.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Increasing Your Productivity and Profitability

Almost all types of business sector have been affected by the growing trend of electronic globalization. Many have to cope with the digital world in doing business transactions in a daily basis. Although it is too complex to tell whether the digital technology in the broadest sense contributes to the growth or not yet it is also too naive to believe that it has no direct link in the pace of globalization. On the other hand, expenses in setting up modern technology should not outweigh the economic status of the company especially where hazardous materials shipping should comply with the regulators.

Transporting hazardous materials is not an easy task considering the strict implementation by authorities on safe regulation procedures. And this is the reason why there have been so many companies offering freight software in the transportation of dangerous goods. And it does not only made every transactions a lot easier, it also reduce the cost and increase service efficiency then it eventually have a domino effect to the company’s productivity and profitability. It also will have a substantial effect to the customers as they don’t have to be physically present to do business as it can be done online.

The logistics management software has made the transport of hazardous materials easier and simplifies the shipping process by taking care of all the details needed by the authorities. Then the company can just print their bills online and track their cargo by just a click of the mouse. And many have said that this kind of system can also provide a clear insight of the company’s spending that will have a great impact in the auditing process as information can be readily available and generated. In short, the safe transportation and shipping of hazardous materials can now be simply done without so much hassle in following regulations set by the authorities.

Grexit on the Loom

It has been several days now that most of my shares in the stock market are colored red although I have already gained from my initial investments but it still didn’t reach my target goal yet. On the other hand, I am also skeptical of selling it for this might only be a short term decline and who knows it will start climbing back again in the coming week. And this might be caused by the economic turmoil in Greece that was provoked by the global financial crisis four years ago.

While based on reports and statistics, Greece’s two biggest contributor of their GDP is tourism and shipping. And when the Eurozone was hit by the financial crisis, those two industries have been in a decline. But of course it doesn’t point only to those of the two mentioned factors and could only be minimal comparing to the Greek government debt crisis.

And there have been so many speculations and there’s a possibility that Greece could leave the Eurozone and will have a big impact to the Eurozone stocks if Greece makes a disorderly exit from the Euro zone. Thus creating the slang word “Grexit”.