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Promoting Economic Growth

It is an undeniable fact that improving infrastructure and its support facilities will promote economic growth because of its effect in the efficient transport of goods and the people. So the more time you’ll have in taking care of your business and not spend it on the road travelling will surely provide more opportunities for the growth and developing new business. And when President Benigno Aquino III mentioned in his latest State of the Nation Address (SONA) the construction of the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike, it opens a new day and hope for the people who live along the Laguna de Bay.

The Aquino administration envisioned that the said project aims to mitigate flooding along the coastal towns of Laguna de Bay and at the same time it is expected to ease traffic congestion in the nearby cities as it traverse from Taguig and passes though Muntinlupa and Calamba then ends up in Los Banos, Laguna. I guess it is now time to address the long standing issue of flooding in the area and authorities believe that the construction of the Laguna Dike will be the long term solution and will eventually put period to it as the residence have been suffering for quite a long time already.

The Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike project involves the construction of a 47-kilometer flood control dike and on top of which is a massive six-lane expressway from Taguig to Los Banos, Laguna with a series of bridges that connects them then pumping stations and floodgates will also be in place. That makes it the biggest and the flagship project of the Aquino administration which will be implemented through a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) under the Build-Operate-Transfer scheme. Authorities said that they are going to bid out the project before the end of 2014 and construction is expected to start late the following year and end in 2021.

And the same as with any other government projects, it doesn’t come by without any opposition especially to those living and will be displaced along the shoreline of Laguna de Bay. Many also believe that it is not the long term solution and will not solve the real flooding issues. I somehow, in one way agree that it may not be the long term solution but no one else do if we only rely on one single solution for these complex circumstances. But I also believe that the long stretch of the expressway will surely promote economic growth not only to the area but to the entire Philippine economy.

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Diversify Your Investment

I have mentioned it in my previous post that we finally are able to free ourselves recently with the financial burden that we have had in our housing mortgage. And now we have the opportunity to start scouting for properties especially the foreclosed one for our future investments because you can get them at a low and reasonable price that is not devalued. So if you are searching for exceptional real estate location then is probably what you are looking at a very competitive scale.

Investing in the real estate is one of the best savings you may have as it doesn’t depreciate, instead it produce even a greater return in the future especially when it is located in prime areas. And I believe that real estate is also a decent option in trying to diversify your investment strategy since you aren’t going to lose anything. There is no other way but up, more so when it is in the premier locations or within the nearby vicinity. You will be bale to command your price particularly when you are going to have several competitors challenging for it.

Various Financing Options

The troubled global market is still affecting many countries nowadays especially the real estate. In fact, there have been several, if not many properties put on sale in order not to be drowned in bankruptcy. Several families went on cost cutting, tighten their belts and only disburse their finances on what is needed and put on hold their wants. Many have downsized their expenditures and moved to a lesser expensive place so mortgage won’t be a problem.

But on the brighter side, many believe that this is the right time to invest on real estate especially the foreclosed properties. You only not get a cheaper value in the market but could also bring you the best returning property investments when its value swings the other side. And nowadays, it is not that hard anymore to acquire properties because of the availability of various financing options and can easily be appraised by certified brokers. Then you can also increase its value with just a simple renovation and affordable DIY improvements.

A Better Investment Scheme

If you are going to read back my posts, you’ll notice that I have occupied myself with and became busy of my home improvement project. But somehow that has been put on-hold for quite some time now since I started investing in the stock market. I have to put more time with it to learn the basics of the stock market and most especially the way around it. And at the moment, things are doing fine with the stocks that I bought and maintained. It’s been more than a year now since I started buying and selling stocks and I am glad that the hard work has paid off already and I must admit that I cannot earn such percentage if we have left it in the bank.

Initially, I focused and monitored our stocks in a daily basis since I am still new and there are so many things that I must learn if we want to be successful with it. And with the big potential to succeed and have a better investment scheme than the bank, I encourage all Filipino not only the OFW’s to invest in the Philippine stock market so it remain stable and strong. Right now, the PSE index has broken and made history already and it is forever written in the books. More to it that the Philippine economy is showing good signs and in fact, a few lending companies have upgraded its credit rating. And one notable reason why the Philippine economy stays afloat is the undeniable support of the OFW’s through its continued remittance.

And I believe that if all Filipinos are investing in the Philippines then our economy will become stronger as we don’t have to rely more from foreign investors. Although I am not pretty sure on that statement and it was only my calculated opinion yet it could be true. So start looking for your online broker while the market is still hot and growing.

Philippines’ Ascent to Investment Grade

The most anticipated credit rating upgrade for the Philippines has been finalized. Although it is expected because the Philippines has already received an investment grade rating from Fitch last March and it was followed with another from Standard & Poor’s later in May. And so last Thursday (3 October 2013) the last major debt-watcher, Moody’s, granted and raised the Philippines’ investment grade status to a Baa3 rating with a positive credit outlook.

Although the “Baa3” rating is the lowest in the investment grade ratings, yet it is well enough to place the Philippines’ economic performance on par with Turkey and Spain. And it is also considered a critical milestone in lifting the country’s economic status from one of Asia’s weaker economies which was once even considered “the sick man of Asia”. And the economic growth of 6.8 percent last year and 7.6 percent in the first half of 2013 are among the highest in Asia-Pacific and remained one of Asia’s best performers.

Investment Grade Ratings

According to Moody’s, “The Philippines’ economic performance has entered a structural shift to higher growth, accompanied by low inflation.”

With three investment rating upgrades in succession, it only means one thing to the Philippines, a good image with a brighter outlook to the eyes of the investors. And with the badge of credit worthiness, it also reflects the confidence of the international community with regards to the strength of the Philippine economy. Many believe that there might be another upgrade in the coming years before 2016, the time when the current President steps down. And so what’s this latest credit rating upgrade means to the Philippines?

An improving credibility to the international community.

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