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Paper Based Prints

Despite the enormous advantage of the digital era, the catalog and magazine are still cannot be outdated. And these paper based prints will always be around and part of any corporate documents since it provides comprehensive information of the company itself either about their products or services rendered. The only good thing is that, you can easily create your designs then have it outsourced for printing through and with the use of the internet services.

And this industry like the zoo catalog printing is growing in numbers and probably will stay for a longer period. While the pricing I’m sure will only differ on the thickness, durability and the additional services the company are offering. And perhaps the glossy appearance of the cover and pages does matter as well which will add up in the cost of the finished product. But nonetheless, no matter what kind of products and services that a certain company has, I will always go for the company that offers good customer service because you can conveniently go back to them in case there are some problems you encountered.

Solutions for Your Print Business

It was just barely a year since I started an online based business in the clothing industry which we eventually added more items for kids and families. It was my first time and with the help of hubby it made my journey a lot easier since he knows better when it comes to the technological aspect of the internet. And I would say that it really helps in cutting the cost of the administrative expenses, more so that the digital age has so many tutorials that it can offer.

In fact nowadays, you can find already a lot of user-friendly online design customization tool software that is designed to enhance your business productivity especially as an ecommerce solution. And having an online presence will surely expand your business reach that you have never imagined before. Aside from that, your online presence has a domino effect also in your business as it attracts advertisers as your website traffic increases. Then as time goes by your page ranking in any search engine will increase as well and that also helps you attract more advertisers and that is another way or additional possible income generation.

Customized Elastic Advertising Prints

Nowadays in this modern world, it is so easy to acquire and get any type and any kind of advertising prints. The digital age made everything with so much ease as computers can do the printing with greater result. In fact, there are already so many companies who can customize any elastic textile fibers especially when you need a digital printed spandex stretch cover. What you have to remember when choosing any stretch covers is that, it is always important and make sure that the design is going to last for a long time.

And you can even do almost any kind of transactions with a few clicks of the mouse and at the comfort of your own house. Some companies also can even deliver it at your doorstep with no extra cost from you. Others will deliver it to you for free when you reach the certain amount that they set. Nonetheless, no matter what company you want to choose, my guideline if you want to ask me is to always go with the one with good customer service as it will be your source of help in order to deal with whatever issues you’ll have or to follow-up.

The Cyber Monday Deals

It’s the first day of December and there’s no stopping for the holiday season to come. The Christmas tree is up and has been lighted already. Christmas ornaments and decors are also visible in the house while the temperature outside starts dropping every passing day. Few days back, it ranges from 17-18 degrees Celsius already at early in the morning and dusk. I noticed also that the mid-day temperatures are playing between 25 to 29 degrees and it just shows that winter is here already.

And that only means the holiday season promotions and enticing deals cannot be ignored. In fact, I have been receiving text messages from several well known brands so I can take advantage of it. Shop goers are just as eager as the retailers, so they can boost their sales during the holiday season. And in the US, many are keeping an eye in tomorrow’s cyber Monday deals and I think it is just the same as the black Friday deals that will surely draw big lines and the punishing long queue at check-out counters.

The cyber Monday deals is no difference from the others in trying to lure shoppers to spend and many believe that it is just the beginning of the holiday season discounts. Yet it could also attract potential violence among shop goers as the crowd goes bigger and bigger. Just like what happened during the Walmart black Friday deals wherein hundreds are arrested.

Image from Manro Rolaz.

Philippines’ Ascent to Investment Grade

The most anticipated credit rating upgrade for the Philippines has been finalized. Although it is expected because the Philippines has already received an investment grade rating from Fitch last March and it was followed with another from Standard & Poor’s later in May. And so last Thursday (3 October 2013) the last major debt-watcher, Moody’s, granted and raised the Philippines’ investment grade status to a Baa3 rating with a positive credit outlook.

Although the “Baa3” rating is the lowest in the investment grade ratings, yet it is well enough to place the Philippines’ economic performance on par with Turkey and Spain. And it is also considered a critical milestone in lifting the country’s economic status from one of Asia’s weaker economies which was once even considered “the sick man of Asia”. And the economic growth of 6.8 percent last year and 7.6 percent in the first half of 2013 are among the highest in Asia-Pacific and remained one of Asia’s best performers.

Investment Grade Ratings

According to Moody’s, “The Philippines’ economic performance has entered a structural shift to higher growth, accompanied by low inflation.”

With three investment rating upgrades in succession, it only means one thing to the Philippines, a good image with a brighter outlook to the eyes of the investors. And with the badge of credit worthiness, it also reflects the confidence of the international community with regards to the strength of the Philippine economy. Many believe that there might be another upgrade in the coming years before 2016, the time when the current President steps down. And so what’s this latest credit rating upgrade means to the Philippines?

An improving credibility to the international community.

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