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Beautiful Pieces of Art Built with Welding

Art is probably not the first image that comes to mind at the mention of welding, but it is very possible to create beautiful pieces from this often-underappreciated method. Artists from all around the world have incorporated metal into their work, with most simply using scrap metal available at low or no cost! If you are an aspiring artist or just looking for a new creative avenue, welded sculptureand art might be for you! Read on for some great inspiration.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this article inspires you to create some artworks with welding yourself. If you want to flex your creative muscles and would like to get your own equipment, try an online specialist such as WIA – check them out at for more details. Welding does mean exposure to extremely high temperatures, so make sure you have done all your research and are following safety instructions at all times. Good luck and happy creating!


Many sculptures have been created and built through welding and these can range from small figurines to absolutely huge masterpieces. These sculptures are usually made with a combination of different metals, and as a result, retain an extremely steam-punk look. If you are just experimenting with welding, you may want to start off with something on a smaller scale – maybe something you can fit in your living room.


You don’t have to make magnificent sculptures to create fantastic art using welding. Metal rods can be bent and melded into many fantastic shapes, and you can make a great number of pieces out of these if you only use your imagination! Vine-like pieces are extremely common and classy, and can be made into jewellery displays, or even artistic and unique photo frames.

Home Decorations

If you need some new art to decorate your home, you might want to consider some welded art. Horseshoes have been cleverly welded to create a piece of art that is not only beautiful, but can also hold tealights. Thin steel wire can be manipulated to make intricate patterns that wouldn’t look out of place on your walls at home. The possibilities are truly endless!


You might not consider furniture to be art, but you might change your mind once you see the pieces that have been created from welding. Old wrenches have been turned into a beautiful bench, and discarded coins have been used to create a unique-looking chair. Futuristic couches made from two sheets of metal and tabletops constructed from old pieces of scrap metal have also been created – you really won’t need to look very far for inspiration if you want to make some furniture of your own.

Are you an artist? Have you ever used welding in your pieces before? How did they turn out and do you have any advice for others seeking to do something similar? Are you a welder? Would you consider attempting to create something artistic from welding? Leave your thoughts and tidbits of advice below.

The Legal Owner: SM Aura Premier

I could still remember when a prominent financial adviser said, “if you have money that you aren’t going to use within a year, it is wise that you take them out from the bank and invest it elsewhere”.

It did not take me that long to understand his position, not that I am questioning him, since there are other ways of how to keep it financially profitable while at the same time making it as your lifetime savings. Anyway, I am not a financial expert but with my two years of experience in trying to be a financial literate, I would say that I know already the basics on how to handle our finances that somehow will put us through in some crisis.

Land or property acquisition is one of the best and is on the top of the list of our long term investment plans. But one thing that you should be aware of in buying parcels of land, that it has a clean title and no issue whatsoever. The last thing that you want to get involve is being caught in between a complicated situation. Just like the issue that the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) have against SM Prime Holdings Inc. when the SM Aura Premier was built. And the more I read about it the more it become clear to me what the issue or issues all about.

There are at least two things to clear first and you leave the rest to the proper authority (whoever they may be) because of technical issue and legal jargon. First is the rightful owner of the property and second is how the said parcels of land are put into use. The latter perhaps causes the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to react when SM Aura Mall was built on the land given to Taguig City during a compromised agreement when the BCDA encroached on parcels of land owned by Taguig that is intended for a civic center so they agreed to swap properties that was formalized in two memorandums of agreement (MOAs).

So with that alone, in my opinion, the BCDA should go head on with Taguig City considering that SMPHI is only leasing and developing the said property through a public bidding and won. And was also following a resolution passed by Taguig City council to build a mixed-use development site and not just a simple civic center. And as what you have read on news reports, everyone has valid reasons to it especially when the words “civic center” comes to play. So this is what I’ve been telling you about technicalities and legal jargons, more so when someone tries to find loopholes in the law or even (mutual) agreements when certain competition arise.

Although the issue between the owner of SM Aura Premier and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) is on a big scale already but the point is there for you to think about when acquiring property knowing that it will be for your future use and not futuristic headache.

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International Transport Needs

I’ve been living abroad for almost five years now and I think it would still take several years of stay and away from loved ones before we finally call it a day and go back to the Philippines for good. One thing that I learned is that, there are so many products that are cheaper when bought here than in our home country. It is one of the reasons why I’ve been hearing people looking for reliable and affordable international auto shipping so they can send back home auto parts, its accessories and even the whole vehicle itself.

And with regards to international transport needs, I always believe that experience in this kind of business matters most considering the different custom regulations that every country have. In that way you’ll have peace of mind that your cargo will arrive at the designated point of destination and that your logistics budget don’t harm your financial status.

Adapting to Modern Technology

As technology evolves and improves so does the use of emergency lights not only for emergency vehicles but also on home alarm systems and industrial warning devices. Many have been using strobe lights as it is capable of flashing up to hundreds of times per second that is very significant for aircraft use as anti-collision lighting. And even how useful it may seems but because of high costs and maintenance it is now slowly being replaced by LED technology.

LED or Light Emitting Diode is now the preferred lighting device as it has many advantages to other type of light sources. It can reduce the overall power costs because it only consumes lower energy, longer lifetime and come in smaller sizes. Then you aren’t going to have big electrical wastes as you can replace only those busted light and not the entire lamp or lighting system thereby, minimizing the replacement cost. And in the long run, it will help minimize the global energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emission and a potential reduction in global warming effect.

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Customer Satisfaction is the Key

Having a business is easy but getting it moving forward and prosper is a different story. You need to have customers coming back and patronize whatever you have to offer them. And if you aren’t going to satisfy them with the kind of service you have then the day that you’re going to close down is numbered. So customer satisfaction is what I believe the key and most important factor.

And that is also what’s in my mind when I set up our e-store knowing the fact that there are fierce competitions in luring customers your way and make them come back for more. You also have to be patient or perhaps extend your patience when there’s scarcity of customers in the beginning as you are still trying to build up name and reputation. But it doesn’t stop right there as you have to maintain if not improve your customer’s satisfactions. This reminds me several months back about the great service that we experience in getting our drinking water most especially at that time since we just came back from our vacation.

Perhaps, it is the reason why hubby did not pursue his plan of adding a different brand of bottled water so we won’t run out of drinking water in the house. So I always put it in my mind that a quality service for the customers may not bear fruit now but someday it will. You just have to be patient and do not hastily get those big results when you are still starting running your business. Don’t expect to gain huge customer turn out overnight but having an online presence will help you ease the burden of tapping the previously unreachable and potential customers.

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