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Food Product Recalled

When I was browsing hubby’s blog, I came across tone of his post regarding a recalled food product from Nestle. Although it was already an old post from his blog yet I decided to share it here so you will be aware of it just in case you have by any chance bought the recalled food products. While at the same time, I also noticed in his blog the several posts that has something to do with product recalls and some product safety issues. So everyone should and must be aware of this especially when it comes to safety and the safety of our family.

From time to time I will be posting articles that has been recalled or had safety and health issues. And if you want to read the health concerns or issues regarding the recalled product or if you simply want to know what product it is then you can visit hubby’s blog “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness“.

Don’t Mix Natural Health Supplements With Medicines

Taking natural health supplements is one good thing that happened as an alternative medicine. And it is interesting to learn that just because it’s natural we believe there’s no side effect if we take it. But before you take those natural pills take into consideration and ask your doctor if it is safe when mix with other medicines.

You must be careful if you are taking antidepressants, blood thinners and diuretics. You must skip taking those natural health supplements if you are also taking any of the mentioned type of medicines. It is not safe to mix them and there are just some supplements that don’t go together with those medicines and far more dangerous when combined.

And if you are a coffee addict, make sure also that you are not taking any supplements that contains Ephedrine for this two when combined and taken together are more dangerous than Ephedra itself. The combination of the two may cause heart attack, stroke and even death. And the worse thing is both can be found in weight loss pills.

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The Pharmacy of Your Convenience

The digital world has brought a lot of things especially the one of the most favorite by everyone, which is shopping. Almost all can be done now by just a click of the mouse and you don’t have to stand waiting in the long queue in the checkout counter. And this has also snowballed in purchasing your medications at your favorite drugstore. But I think the primary reason for it has something to do with having the benefit of lower prices comparing to the regular drugstore.

So nowadays, the convenience of being able to order your prescription medicines from the comfort of your house is at your finger tips. And in some countries, online drugstore is perhaps the long term practical solution especially when you still have to order it from other countries. But you also have to be vigilant that you are only getting it from a trusted, reliable and accredited company like online drugstore. You only don’t get the most competitive prices out there but your medicines are also delivered with the manufacturers original sealed packaged. That for sure will give you peace of mind already.

In the long run, ordering your prescription medicine through online brings you big savings and convenience that will leave you with your hard earned money purchasing for other necessary things needed in the house.

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Warning: Chobani Greek Yogurt Recalled

If you happen to be on diet or simply are fond of eating yogurt as part of your daily diet then you must already known it that there was a recent recall of yogurts from a certain company. Reports came out a few days ago that the Greek Yogurt from Chobani has been pulled out from stores due to a mold problem. Officials from the company are telling store owners to pull the products from their shelves because some cups were “swelling and bloating.”

It has also been reported that the U.S. FDA are discussing the issue with the company since the owners of Chobani aren’t issuing a formal recall yet of its Greek yogurt cups. So while this situation hasn’t resolve yet, I think it is just wise to check your cold storage if you happen to have the Chobani Greek yogurt and start throwing it away before any of your family members get sick. On the other hand, there are reported cases that some consumers became ill after eating the yogurt while the company has not revealed how many reports of illnesses that they received.

One good thing though, Chobani owners have said that the problem was caused by a type of mold in their Idaho plant and that the issue has been totally fixed.

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What You Should Know About Supplements

Are you among those billions in the population who are taking dietary supplements? If so, have you talked to your doctor that you are taking dietary supplements? And if so, does your doctor mentioned to you, at some point, regarding some important issues related to supplement use?

I am asking you these because there significant risks and highly dangerous interactions when you combine dietary supplements with prescription drugs or even the OTC (over the counter) medicines. In fact, there have been several studies already published and U.S. FDA warns about its dangers that in some situation it could lead to a life threatening reaction. So here are some few things that should be in your mind when you take or even just planning of taking dietary supplements and when you talk to your doctor about it.

  • It should be clear to you why you are taking the supplement and to what purpose.
  • You should know how to take the supplement in terms of dosage and or time of the day to take it.
  • You should know about its potential dangers and adverse effects, if there’s any.
  • You should not combine supplements with OTC and prescription medicines unless approved by your doctor.

What is alarming about dietary supplements and other related products out there is that, they are being marketed as natural products. Yet natural doesn’t mean safe because many of the health claims made by manufacturers are based on anecdotal reports or involve only small studies with no extensive clinical trials. There are even thousands of reported cases with serious adverse reactions that are linked to the use of dietary supplements and if you want to be part of the statistics then it is your choice now.

And it is the reason why it is labeled as “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”.

One thing that I learned is that, if you can’t read the ingredients or it is somehow similar to what you can find in the periodic table then you should stay away from it.

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