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Craving for a Yellow Labrador

In the past few years, hubby has been telling me about his affection with dogs and how much he wanted to own a dog. One time, I’ve seen him browsing about his favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever especially the Yellow Lab. He said that it is the kind of dog that is excellent for family as it is very well known for its very even-tempered behavior and easy going. And I also read in one article that they are very trusting even with strangers and that’s why Labradors are not suggested to have as guard dogs.

Anyway, I told him that if he wants to have a dog I the house we should have dog fence also since our son is still less than four years old and is very active. Although Labradors are suitable as family dog but I am still worried that they will bite if they are hurt when toddlers are playing with them aimlessly even they meant no harm to them. So I’ve been browsing for any dog fence reviews and recommendations in the internet for hubby to check out before he decided to own his much loved Yellow Lab. It is better that way than having an incident later on. It is better to prepare rather than be sorry when your kids are bitten already.

Image from wikimedia commons.

We Missed the Football Match

We suppose to watch another football game yesterday with hubby’s favorite team Real Madrid who will be facing Paris Saint-Germain. He said that the latter is the champions in France last year and is currently on top of the standings in French football league. So it was way back mid of December last year when we went to Villagio Mall so he can buy the tickets before it will eventually runs out considering how popular Real Madrid is, at the same time, PSG is a Qatari owned team. At least that’s what hubby had told me.

But then, it was not meant that we will watch it together as our son had fever for five days and it was only yesterday morning that he does not have fever and the whole day and we did not give him medicine anymore. Aside that he already consumed his prescribed medicine, we are about to go back to his doctor for follow-up if the fever still don’t go down. So when hubby arrived from work in the afternoon he decided not to go to the doctor anymore since our son is doing fine already and on his way to recovery.

And since our son just recently recovered from his illness, I decided not to expose him from the cold weather outside and he can also rest well because the winter school break will be finished in two days time. It is also a blessing in disguise that we did not watch the football match despite hubby’s insistence because it rained heavily during the game. Hubby said that they are soaking wet already even before the final whistle was blown off. And before I forget and carried away again, hubby’s team won the match, if you would want to know. You can also go to hubby’s blog to see more photos about it.

The Process of Losing Weight

I’ve been blogging and advocating about healthy balanced diet and some practical weight loss tips and that everyone should not expect to lose weight overnight. The process of losing weight the right way is not that easy yet it’s not that hard as you think it is. We just have to look into the right combination of diet and workout regimen whether it is high intensity or low intensity. And recently, there have been a bunch of weight loss camp coming out in order to deter boredom, as replacement in going to a routine workout in the gym.

We all know and statistics have shown that most of those who lost interest in continuing their workout are due to the lack of determination from the start. Repetitive regimen is another factor that might lead into discontinuing the whole program itself. And a fitness retreat to break that monotony might be the good solution and perhaps the only way to shed that excess flab in a healthy manner.

A weight loss retreat is what I’m talking about because the four walls of the gym could be a humdrum but being in nature and making changes in the environment should help you attain your desired weight and losing inches in your waist. But don’t forget that losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted fats is not just about training and food but also having a good rest is important as well. A relaxing environment will add to a restful sleep and in regaining your strength and endurance.

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Bonding Quality Relationships

Sometimes it is just so hard to have a toddler in the house especially between the age of two and four years. And I know now the reason what many have said that by the time kids reach the age of two they often are labeled as the terrible two. It is also for that reason why hubby is keeping all breakables inside the closet and he refrain from buying anything that has the potential to break especially the glass products. I am just grateful that to have him as he can think more in advance when it comes to the safety of our son.

On the other hand, you cannot simply avoid this kind of situation considering that it is their nature when they reach such age. All we can do is to minimize the impact in our home furnishing and you should be stocking any kind of adhesives in the house as well so you can easily attach them back in one piece. It may not be brought back to its original design but at least you still can use them as a unique home decor. So click here if you are looking to have a bonding quality relationship for any kind of breakable in your house.

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Don’t Mix Natural Health Supplements With Medicines

Taking natural health supplements is one good thing that happened as an alternative medicine. And it is interesting to learn that just because it’s natural we believe there’s no side effect if we take it. But before you take those natural pills take into consideration and ask your doctor if it is safe when mix with other medicines.

You must be careful if you are taking antidepressants, blood thinners and diuretics. You must skip taking those natural health supplements if you are also taking any of the mentioned type of medicines. It is not safe to mix them and there are just some supplements that don’t go together with those medicines and far more dangerous when combined.

And if you are a coffee addict, make sure also that you are not taking any supplements that contains Ephedrine for this two when combined and taken together are more dangerous than Ephedra itself. The combination of the two may cause heart attack, stroke and even death. And the worse thing is both can be found in weight loss pills.

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