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The Virus Has Run Its Course

I mentioned in my previous post regarding our son who is sick again with flu like symptoms and so I just want to update everyone that he is fine right now. Probably it was just caused by the constant change in the temperature of his environment. If I remember it right, that week we experienced a very hot temperature that reached up to 45 degrees then that was also the time when we have to go out for our household errands and my job interview. So it must be caused by the sudden and constant change of temperature from cold to hot environment.

And if you don’t know, our son is always confined inside the house because his eczema will flare up if he will be exposed for a long time in either hot or cold environment. He can only play outside the house when the sun is not that hot anymore. Anyway, I am just happy that he is no longer sick and that he can sleep well at night without a clogged nose already. Perhaps, the virus had just run through its course although we tried to let him drink some lemon juice from time to time. And I am also glad that it was gone without even seeing a doctor but we keep an eye on him and hydrate him more than the usual. That also helps in keeping his nose from clogging and liquefies the excess mucus in his nose so he can at least breathe normally.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

When you have toddlers in the house, it would be so hard to keep them still and have them stay in one place. It is probably the reason why they are often labeled as the terrible two when they reach at this stage. And one of the most common concerns of parents is how to keep them away from harm and how to make the house safe from kids that’s curious of their environment. It is indeed a serious concern when it comes to the safety of your kids and it is necessary that you keep everything in the house as childproof as it can be.

And since it is common to have household chemicals in the house, it is also essential that we keep them out of reach of children as they are very dangerous and one of the common causes of accidental child poisoning. So it is critical that you must keep all the cabinet latch fastened all the time and that it could not easily be opened by curious kids. That it should require at least two actions before it can be opened and thereby limiting the chance of small kids gaining access to any unsafe areas in the house. It may not be an easy task but it is worth it when it comes to the safety of your kids.

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Mislabeling or Food Label Lies?

It is a very well known fact that I am very particular when it comes to the health matters of our son including the utensils and the bottles he’s going to use every day. And I am expecting other moms out there to be extra vigilant and careful when you choose the bottles and cups of your kids as not all of them are health friendly. I must admit that the brand name and its cost don’t guarantee that they are the best and is BPA free and much these days that it is really hard to determine who are telling the truth and or if what’s written on the labels are true.

And that just reminded me several months ago regarding the horse meat scandal in Europe. Just imagine that you are eating your favorite spaghetti or lasagna then you found it later on that your favorite beef brand contains or has been mixed with horse meat. What is worse is that some brands contain more horse meat than what’s written on the labels. But even if it is just a mere mislabeling of the products yet it is still a serious issue as it could pose a health risk to others who could have problems with horse meat.

Watching WrestleMania 29 is much better that this issue.

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A Car Seat Safety Reminder to All

I have been making posts about car seat safety in the past but I haven’t made any detailed information of the guidelines set by authorities and regulatory body. And when I was about to make one, hubby started making his own post also on car seat safety guidelines for infants and toddlers and for children 2 years and older. Although he has yet to publish the latter and he’s still finishing it up as well. That tempted me to make my own post considering that our son is almost 2 years and six months old already.

But at the back of my mind, I am adamant to start one since it needs more research for me as it entails specific information because I will be sharing it not only to moms out there but to fathers as well. And since hubby is more knowledgeable and adept about health and safety, I was thinking of letting him finish it and will just share it here once it is done. I will just let him do the hard work then I will ask permission to him later so I could post his article here.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t resist not to re-post what my hubby posted in his blogs for I felt sorry for the family who lost their daughter for this nonsensical tragedy.

Another 365 days were gone and another one is about to come. Or should I say 364 days only?

Happy New Year everyone and don’t you all worry about the Fiscal Cliff deal, it has been signed already.

What I am worried about is the sad news of another senseless loss of life caused by a senseless way of celebrating the year of the water snake. I was watching the early evening news today when I heard the passing of the innocent child who was a victim of a stray bullet as everybody celebrates New Year’s Eve 2013.

It is indeed great to celebrate the New Year but it is very awful and ridiculously unreasonable if it is done at the expense of a parent and loved ones without their precious child. Indiscriminate or not but firing a gun at a blank target surely would result into something. Hopefully it won’t cease a lovely life, much to it if it is from an innocent angel who probably have so many dreams and desire to achieve something either for herself or for her family. But that we cannot know anymore as the little girl passed away with a bullet that enters her skull, passed through her brain and lodged on her cheek just behind her left eye.

According to medical reports, she was already comatose when she was brought in the hospital and suffered several cardiac arrests but survived until they reached the maximum threshold of resuscitating her before they call it.

Is this the way we suppose to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

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