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Consult Your Doctor First

I believe that at some point in our life there are times that we need to take supplements either vitamins or minerals for our body to function normally. But I also believe that for safety reasons and in order to avoid health risks then it is reasonable and appropriate to consult your doctor before taking any medications or even nutritional supplements for they may contain ingredients that could cause harmful effects in our body when combined with order drugs.

Especially right now that alternative medicine is already abundant in the market where some are exploiting it for business purposes only. I am not saying that it will not help or don’t have any therapeutic effects but some supplements and products like amygdalin may come with variations in commercial preparations and or perhaps maybe it is contaminated. In other words, the safety and quality of the product can no longer be assured and that it may even give more harm than cure.

Food Product Recalled

When I was browsing hubby’s blog, I came across tone of his post regarding a recalled food product from Nestle. Although it was already an old post from his blog yet I decided to share it here so you will be aware of it just in case you have by any chance bought the recalled food products. While at the same time, I also noticed in his blog the several posts that has something to do with product recalls and some product safety issues. So everyone should and must be aware of this especially when it comes to safety and the safety of our family.

From time to time I will be posting articles that has been recalled or had safety and health issues. And if you want to read the health concerns or issues regarding the recalled product or if you simply want to know what product it is then you can visit hubby’s blog “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness“.

Looking for Prescription Eyeglass

A few weeks back, hubby has been scouting for a replacement of his prescription eyeglass because he felt there might be changes already in the grade parameter of his eyeglass. He went to the shop where he got his eyeglasses but unfortunately he thinks that the price is way too much. And how we wish we can find a shop that has better price value for mens and womens eyewear in what we are paying for.

So he said that he’s going to postpone buying for replacement until our vacation in June and he will have an appropriate corrective lens then from a reliable prescriber. Although there have been a lot of trusted online shops that sells prescription and progressive lenses at even greater prices of high standards. And one good thing about shopping online aside from discounted prices, most companies are shipping it at your doorstep at no extra cost. You can even have great savings during holidays, special events and promotional deals.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Summer is fast approaching and right now, all that’s in my mind is to go on vacation in the beach. And only one thing that comes to mind as of the moment. I want to visit the most popular Bora beach to see its powdery white sand beaches but when I brought it up with hubby, he has other plans and he don’t like the idea of staying in a crowded place like Bora because of our son. He said that it would be hard to keep an eye on him knowing how active he is.

And since it is still far away, I am hoping that hubby will change his mind for I grew up in Panay Island yet I haven’t set foot in Bora even once. What I should be doing for now is to handle the still chilly temperature outside and how I wish I have a north face womens jacket especially the light fleece as it is very handy and is perfect for whatever activity you’ll have had during the cold months. Perhaps, when we are back from our vacation in the Philippines, I will try to scout in the outdoor stores for winter jackets. For sure it will be cheaper then as it is the opposite season already.

Image from litrato ni sir rob.

Knowing Your Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Motorized vehicle accidents are everywhere and could happen any time. I think there’s only one reason why it is happening and it boils down to the attitude of the driver. No matter how careful you are on the road yet you don’t know what kind of driving attitude the motorists around you. And often times it ends in a tragic event when the driver is speeding especially if it involves motorcycles. It is the reason why motorcycle helmet is necessary and important when you are driving any kind of motorcycle and in whatever speed you are travelling.

The helmet is your only head protection when you bump into something or someone bumped onto you. And make sure also that you are using the appropriate helmet with the right safety specifications that passed the safety guidelines from proper authorities. That being said, many thought that whatever type of helmet will do already and is enough. At some point it may be right but when it comes to safety standards, you should use the one with approved safety ratings. And as hubby always said, if you think safety is expensive… try injury!