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End of School Year

The time of the year has come for the school year to end and our son will now have to endure a week more before the summer break. In fact, his final report card in Nursery was given to us already late last week. So far, he is doing great in his first year at school and according to his teacher he’s been improving each day since the start of the class. And since summer vacation is fast approaching, I think it will be the best time to buy travel logo mugs as gift for relatives and friends back home in the Philippines.

We’ve been waiting for our son’s vacation so he can visit his grandparents and his cousins again. We even planned of having it in early June so he will have a very long vacation in the Philippines. And I’m sure that you are also waiting for the “but” to come and be mentioned anytime soon. You are right that there’s a “but” in it and it’s a little bit sad yet it is also good in some way. It is sad because we cannot go home to the Philippines but good in the sense that we are expecting a new member in the family. Yes, I am pregnant and we are hoping and praying that God will give us a girl this time.

Elegant Design Timepiece

It has been awhile now since the last time I bought my last wristwatch and if I am not mistaken, it is almost two years since I got the last one. So in the past several weeks, I’ve been window shopping and every time we went out, I made sure that I drop by in one or two shops to check new and good designs for future reference. At one point, these TAG Heuer watches catches my attention not only for its elegant design but also a budget breaking timepiece. I wanted to have one of it but I’m sure it will create some issue in our monthly budget.

So for the meantime, I have no choice but to hold off the interest and concentrate in getting more bucks and save. And hoping in the coming summer festival, they will cut down prices and or having promotional discounts then it will be a good chance and take advantage in great deals.

Make School Memories Last Forever

Every school year must end somehow whether we like it or not and it is already less than two months before the 2013 school year closes. I’m sure many are anticipating for the summer break to come so they can enjoy vacationing by the beach. Every graduation is always exciting and full of thrill and many believe that you should make your school memories last forever. Apart from yearbook, class rings are often times what many are longing to have when they graduate and got a degree in college.

Most of the time, it is used as a symbol that you have fulfilled all the requirements and satisfied the necessary elements needed in the degree that you have taken. So it is one of the satisfying reasons in reminding everyone what they have accomplished at school. But of course our son won’t be getting any class ring at all since he just started in nursery and will be moving in the prep-school by September, hopefully. Probably, he will get some recognition paper that he successfully finished nursery.

Performing With a Different Touch

I love music but until now I am still mystified with how violin and its cousin cello creates a mesmerizing sound with the use of a tiny string and stroke back and forth. And what really keeps my attention with its mystery is who first discover it and if the discovery was carefully planned or just merely accidental while doing something else? Right now, I don’t or should I say haven’t made a research yet of its origin and household chores and a very active toddler in the house prevents me from going farther to check it out.

I believe the bow has come a long way since its discovery and there are different styles and types that my untrained eyes have seen already. And I noticed that the violin bow at musicians friend comes in a variety of shape and kind, that you have an endless options to choice from. But at the back of my mind, I believe that every musician have their own preference of the instrument and its accessories that they are going to use when they perform. That it will become a different touch when using a different or a new instrument.

Wearing a Tuxedo Shirt

It was only very recently, I think a few weeks back, that I have attended a formal gathering hosted by hubby’s company for their annual get together. Hubby did not attend as he doesn’t have any formal suit but more so is that he doesn’t like wearing a tuxedo shirt. In
fact, he doesn’t have one at all in his closet and even just a formal long sleeve could not be found anywhere inside. He only has short sleeve, casual and polo shirts to wear during formal meetings.

And if I remember it correctly, the only time I saw him wearing a formalwear was during our wedding and that’s almost five years ago. But in fairness for hubby, he was actually babysitting our son at that time since kids are not allowed in the gathering so he has an excuse not to attend.