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How to Ease the Fears of Your Kids

I was reading a newspaper today when I stumbled into an article on how to comfort your child if and when they are scared of the dark. This just reminds me of our son when at some point when he turns two years old and until almost three that he is also afraid of the dark. Yet I cannot remember what we have done to pacify him of his fear of the dark but it looks like that he had overgrown that fear somehow.

Anyway, if your child has this kind of fears then the Cleveland Clinic suggests a few steps to ease the fears and help comfort your kids. Here’s what they have suggested when your child is scared of the dark:

  • Talk to the child about these fears, and ask what he or she is afraid of. Reassure the child that he or she is perfectly safe.
  • Explain to your child that mythical creatures are not real.
  • Comfort your child in his or her own bed, rather than bringing a child into your bed.
  • Make sure the pre-bedtime routine is light and happy without any frightening books or movies.
  • Let your child have security items and a nightlight for comfort, and reward your child with small treats and plenty of praise.

I just want to reiterate that the above mentioned five possible solutions is not mine and was only reposted to disseminate and for information purposes in order to help parents find solutions and alternative ways to help their kids feel comfortable and live without fear of the dark anymore.

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The George Zimmerman Verdict

The much awaited George Zimmerman verdict for the murder and manslaughter case of Trayvon Martin a year ago came out already. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, fatally shoots the 17-year old Martin in February 2012 but claimed that he acted defensively only. And so today, the jury has spoken out to the second-degree murder and manslaughter charges of George Zimmerman.

The Sanford, Florida jury found Zimmerman NOT GUILTY of both charges thus thousands have voiced out their anger and disappointment at Zimmerman verdict. Many staged a protest across America and some said that the verdict could be a sign of a broken legal system. Others believe that the Trayvon Martin case was a symbol of lingering racism in the United States since Martin is black and Zimmerman is white.

Whatever may be your stand of the Zimmerman verdict, I just hope that no one will be hurt of the protests and hopefully there are no violent reactions that would happen.

Enjoying the Company of Other Kids

As our son grows bigger and bigger and as he starts to interact with kids of his age, he learns to beat a drum in the church. And I think he loves the drum, at least at this stage. But I think that it is also good that he will learn to play the other musical instruments and not concentrate entirely on one. Many experts say that exposing kids to different instruments will help them become sensitive listeners as it has its own distinct and unique tone.

But as of the moment, I will just let him enjoy the company of other kids and I am just hoping that the will be able to attend school in the next school year this coming September. I want him to learn how to interact properly with other kids and who knows, we might wake up one day and the next thing he wants is to play musical instruments. And we might one day add a variety of percussion instruments in his play room and the collection of Orff Instruments at WWBW could be the best solution so we won’t looking any further.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

When you have toddlers in the house, it would be so hard to keep them still and have them stay in one place. It is probably the reason why they are often labeled as the terrible two when they reach at this stage. And one of the most common concerns of parents is how to keep them away from harm and how to make the house safe from kids that’s curious of their environment. It is indeed a serious concern when it comes to the safety of your kids and it is necessary that you keep everything in the house as childproof as it can be.

And since it is common to have household chemicals in the house, it is also essential that we keep them out of reach of children as they are very dangerous and one of the common causes of accidental child poisoning. So it is critical that you must keep all the cabinet latch fastened all the time and that it could not easily be opened by curious kids. That it should require at least two actions before it can be opened and thereby limiting the chance of small kids gaining access to any unsafe areas in the house. It may not be an easy task but it is worth it when it comes to the safety of your kids.

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