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Adding Several Lines of Products

Home improvement nowadays seems to have a bleak future in the house since our son started going to school mid of last month and so far the feedback from his teacher is nice and heart warming. In fact, when he came home last week, we are surprised to see that he got a special award during their Math week. And it is indeed his first award from school after a month long of schooling and we are hoping that it won’t be the last as we wanted him to learn more.

His special award is for “fantastic counting” which I am also having a separate post being a proud mom. Who wouldn’t be proud of their kids when they do something great at school, right?

Anyway, going back to the home improvement topic that was out on hold was not only merely due to our son schooling but also from the small business that I have started with my cousin. At the moment we already added several different lines of products so to have variety of choices for our customers. We are only talking advantage of the fashion boom especially that customers are no longer looking for signature and branded products as long as it is cheap and looks elegant and fashionable.

Although the competition is very dense in this growing industry, we just have to be careful on what needs to be added and knowing more of the customer’s needs which is very important whether it is for short and long term demand. And we also have to keep up and do more with customer service as I strongly believe that a satisfied customer is likely to come back and will surely make another purchase. And that will have a pyramid effect because I am sure that they’re going to tell their friends about it then it will just roll smoothly from there.

Our Small Business in the Clothing Industry

You have known it already that I have been busy lately in setting up our small business in the clothing industry. And it was still too early to tell if this new investment venture will move up and progress since we only have several customers yet, although the day to day transactions are promising. The same with other businesses there’s always a risk involve and unforeseen circumstances may arise and that’s just what happened several weeks back. And it is also the same reason why we have to change our online presence from “dress your style with Leticia’s” to Esmacus Collections or EMC collections for short.

At the same time, we also have to find and redesign a new logo for our business and the one that you’ve seen above is now the official logo for Esmacus Collections. We also have to change our FB Fanpage for you to be updated with our latest collections so you can take advantage also with the new arrivals. For now, you can only send us your messages at our FB Fanpage for any questions and inquiry that needs to be addressed immediately including your orders while we are still in the process of making our own website or online store. We will keep you updated once it is up and running and functional.

So far, I enjoyed what I’ve been doing while our son still at home and I am not sure in the coming month when I have to joggle it with the preparations for our son as he starts to go to school in the coming school year.

Dress Your Style with Leticias

I have mentioned in my previous post that there are two things that kept me busy nowadays and that the home improvement projects have been in limbo (for now). And since my stock market experience has been noted and I already have the know-how or the way around it, so I can spare some more time now with the new prospect that I want to concentrate. It is another business venture that I engaged with and it has something to do with women’s clothes in fashion style though we have plans of adding more items for the kids in our line.

So right now, what occupies my time aside from household works and our super active toddler is the setting up of our online shop and preparing the photos to display. Although with the former, I asked hubby to make our own website or an e-store so we can diversify and reach out to customers far from our area. At the moment, we still only cater to the customers in the Philippines but we will see what will happen next because we monitor the progress in a daily basis. So for now, you can check our Facebook Fanpage at “Dress your style with Leticias”. You can leave any comment there or contact us directly for whatever inquiry you have.

So I would say that you don’t have to spend so much if you want to look and feel fashionista and I guarantee you that you can see them at Dress your style with Leticias. We also accept bulk orders and send it at your doorstep with no extra cost from you at a minimum order. So visit our FB Fanpage now and see it yourself the long line of choices that we offer.

The Chance to Cool Off

Two months ago, we went for almost a two-month long vacation and you know what it’s like when you are in a tropical country. I’m pretty sure that some point it came to your mind only if it is possible to keep spending your time in water. Much to it that the weather in the Philippines when we were there was hot and humid which increases your desire to have a cool environment. This is one of the reasons why I bought a plastic swimming pool for our son so he has the chance to cool off and keep his skin from immediately drying up.

And when its summer, many have gone to swimming pools and beaches, especially that there’s an abundance of sugary white sand beaches in the Philippines. Then it is also the right time to tan your body, of course with appropriate cover. And speaking of cover, the coco reef swimwear 2013 could be the ideal choice tops for many as it provides the same fit and support as your own bra. Perhaps, you wouldn’t be so conscious anymore when you wear it in one of your beach getaway.

It Is Now More Relaxing to go Swimming

The growing percentage of obesity is making a lot of pressure for women especially during summer time as it means going to the beach or cooling down at the pool. The heat is so unbearable in some parts in the tropics and the most logical and preferable choice is visiting the pool as it is safer comparing to the beach. The good thing is that, it is no longer hard to find women’s plus size swimwear and somehow I think it has something to do with the huge number of obese people right now.

And since it is now a growing trend as well that it is already common to see women with multiple curves wearing swimsuits, it has made women to be comfortable and enjoy the day in the pool. Another good thing is that it is now more relaxing to swim anywhere and that you’ll have more confidence every time you put on a plus size swimsuit because many are wearing it nowadays. Much more that swimwear with quality fabrics from top manufacturer can easily be found in high end stores or even at the shopping malls.